3 Steps to scaling your consultation business


In this podcast, Erna Basson interviews Marco Roberts on how to scale your consultation business.

We also got the inside scoop on:

Who is Marco Roberts?

Have you always been passionate about helping entrepreneurs or did the journey change from when you started?

When you are consulting your clients, what is the #1 problem most experience and what is the advice you give them.

How do consultants find more clients and which platforms can they use and should they use social media to reach out to potential clients?

How can consultants stand out?

What are 3 tips you can give consultants on how they can go from a 5 figure consulting firm to a 6 figure consulting firm?

What advice can you give to consultants in terms of upselling?

What is one of the quotes you live by every day and why?

What advice can you give consultants that is experiencing haters and how can they move forward?

What advice can you give business owners & entrepreneurs to overcome rejection?

What is the importance of having a business coach for any person in business?

If you could give entrepreneurs the very last tip of your life, what will that be?