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This podcast focuses on the secrets of advertising on social media as well as a few extras.

Tune in for great topics such as:

A quick 30 second brief intro into who Ken is

Have you always been passionate about video or did the journey change from when you started?

When you are consulting your clients, what is the #1 problem most experience and what is the advice you give them.

The question everyone wants to know is, how do you stand out on social media in 2018

What are 5 characteristics of a great sales video

Video content vs imagery content, whats the difference in reach, results & numbers

How do you get your video to go viral?

What is the difference between a normal youtube video you upload and one that goes viral?

What are 3 things that people should avoid when creating video content

Top 5 apps for video production?

Best video software any entrepreneur can use

What advice can you give to entrepreneurs that is afraid of stepping in front of the camera

Where can people get hold of you and use your services