Everyone has a different reason for starting a vlog. Maybe it’s to share, or maybe you’re hoping to make money with your vlog by selling ad space or becoming a YouTube partner.

Whatever the purpose, these tips for beginners are going to be focused on what you will need to do in order to really standout and make a name for your channel. Let’s start with the first of the 7 vlog tips:

Image Credit - Financial Times

Image Credit - Financial Times

Select Your Vlog Niche

Before you get set on starting a YouTube channel, select your niche wisely. Although it’s totally up to you which niche you would like to talk to your viewers about, it’s also not bad to take a look at the most sought after niches. Do some research on the most popular vlog niches and see if you find them interesting.
Base your channel around a theme or a niche.

This is basically a topic area that you are passionate about. While some people choose a broad theme, others opt for a more specific angle. Either way it is important to pinpoint what you want to do with your YouTube channel and the audience that you want to target to get your vlogs on top.

Watch For Trends

Those who are able to make the biggest splash on YouTube are able to jump onto trends, possibly even before they become a trend. This will require you to be fully immersed in your niche and demand that you keep up to date with what’s happening in it.

But if you’re already passionate about a subject, you’re likely already keeping your finger on the niche-pulse. Use vlog titles based on trends that are, “catchy” and interesting! Keep track of the latest trends happening and incorporate them into your vlogs to help your YouTube channel catch more eyeballs.

Focus on Quality

You can’t win your viewer’s heart without offering them something interesting. This means that you shouldn’t ignore the importance in the quality of the vlogs you create. Keep a careful watch on your editing and audio. Your vlogs should be clear, simple, and easy to follow along! So be sure to focus on quality in order to build a strong fan base for your YouTube channel.

Commenting on Blogs

What’s that mean? You’ve got to start commenting on other blogs. As you’re a beginner, and your vlog channel is quite new, you won’t get much visibility without any additional efforts. You have to find ways to get your target viewers. How you can do that? Blog commenting is considered to be effective because you get visitors through your comments plus you raise awareness about your YouTube channel.

For example, if you’re a make-up vlogger, then visit make-up blogs. If you create travel vlogs, then engage with blogs focused on traveling. Visit blogs that produce content on topics that you vlog about. This will help bring viewers who enjoy the topics that your YouTube channel is based on.

When you will go to other established blogs that have targeted visitors, and leave valuable comments, visitors will notice your comments and follow you if they find your comments really interesting. It might take a little bit of time, but it can turn out to be really effective if given some time.

Don’t go on blogs to leave spam comments or just for the purpose of getting viewers. Leave genuine and great feedback on the content you read. For this to work, leave the url to your YouTube channel in the, “website” field on the comment form.

Use The Right Tone In Your YouTube Vlogs

You must connect to your audience. One of the most important vlog tips is establish a friendly relationship with your viewers. You should maintain that friendly tone in all of your YouTube videos. It should sound like you’re talking to your friend. Be casual and connect to your viewer’s heart. If you can add a little humor to your vlogs, do that. This will engage your viewers and help them stay on your YouTube channel for long.

Quality and Frequency

You want to vlog well and do it often. It’s important to focus on quality, but it’s just as important to be active. Don’t wait weeks or months until uploading your next vlog on YouTube. Viewers prefer to subscribe to channels that are active. So it’s important to keep your channel active by uploading frequently. This helps to build your audience. Frequent vlogs that are engaging and entertaining will bring viewers back, and before you know it you will have loyal fans.

Power of Social Media

Vlogging mistakes happen when important tools are ignored. One of the most powerful tools available to vloggers is social media sites. No one ever started a vlog with a million followers instantly. Getting more subscribers takes hard work, and a lot of time. It doesn’t matter how awesome your content is, you will need followers outside of your personal acquaintances.This is where social media comes in to play.

Millions of people use social media every day. Get started with profiles for your channel on all of the major social media sites and entice people to join. Update regularly and interact with your followers. Expect critics from time to time and handle them with respect and professionalism.

Use these 7 vlog tips to help your new YouTube channel grow!

Article by Vlog Nation