In this podcast, Erna Basson interviews Kate Dramis on the 7 secrets to selling more with copywriting.

In this Podcast, the following is discussed:

A bit of background on Kate.

In 2018 where social media adds is everything what is the biggest mistake you see people make with their add copy?

When it comes to copywriting what are the 5 crucial things that any great copy must have?

What makes the difference between a $1000 sales copy and a $1million sales copy?

What can people do to make their adds stand out more on social media and drive more conversion?

When you have a video add running, should your add copy and video copy be the exact same?

What type of structure makes for good copywriting?

How do you find the perfect imagery to match with the actual copy of the add?

What is one of the quotes you live by every day and why?

Name 3 things that is crucial for a sell-a-thon landing page?

What are the 3 worst things you can do with add copy?

Where can people get hold of you?

If you could give entrepreneurs the very last tip what will that be