Connect to your success: Connect your self (and disconnect from work)

It is so easy to get lost in a world that is striving for perfection. We want to be great moms, business owners, employees, wives, girlfriends, daughters and friends. We want success for ourselves and for the people in our lives, but how often do we find balancing all these tasks to be daunting and extremely overwhelming? In this article, Daniella Princi will be touching on how to fill your own cup before trying to fill up someone else's. 

Mental Health illnesses are on the rise, stemming from a sense of stress, business and overwhelm, dissatisfaction in life and work, relationship issues, emotional regulation issues, limited quality time at home, and the like. Even when we come home from work we struggle to switch off and are not present to those around us.


As a Psychologist and Empowerment to Success Coach, I strive to guide people to live and lead from a place of empowerment and consciousness; moving people toward reducing these challenges. From consciousness comes truth and authenticity. Living your life and working,  leading from a place of value and integrity, achieving the greatest version of yourself and your company - that is where success begins (both personally and professionally). This is a place of intrinsic power; knowing, loving, understanding and connecting with self. No longer striving for the external world or external influences to gain a sense of success and validation, but rather internal drive, motivation and achievement.


Throughout our lives, especially through relationships, work and raising a family, we become dis-connected, and end up wearing so many masks. You may even feel lost. You may feel as though your life is in chaos, or is simply… overwhelming. You have lost touch with yourself, your identity and your life’s passion and meaning; possibly living a life without a sense of direction and achievement. You cannot dis-connect from work and you cannot experience the enjoyment of moments outside of work.


In our quest for success and perfection, things can get rather chaotic and overwhelming. It’s no wonder you sometimes feel frustrated and unhappy, as though you’ve lost control of your life. But, you cannot give anything to anyone if you don’t give to yourself first.


Do something just for fun

Part of this journey is to incorporate activities in your life on a day-to-day basis that re-connect you with yourself; to give back to yourself so that you can keep giving to those around you. Often when I work with people and ask them what they do for fun - what their hobbies and passions are - I am met with a blank stare. Take some time now to think: What things did you use to do that you loved, but no longer do? Then start reintroducing them! They will fill your bucket and fuel you to start to feel more balanced within your life; and help you dis-connect from work.


Remember to breathe

Set up a space, just for you, where you can sit and breathe… Use an app to teach you mindful breathing; go for walks in nature, do something you love, soak in a bath… I often hear excuses (because, let’s face it, they are excuses), about not having time. We have to make time. Now is the moment to prioritise yourself! What is one thing you can give up that brings no meaning or fulfilment to your life that can be used for something more meaningful and life-enhancing?

Be here Now

Another step is mindfulness. Being mindful refers to bringing mindfulness practices into each moment, and assists you in being connected to the moment, and to self… anchored, grounded, connected to truth, in synchrony with who you want to be. Bring that to a situation, to a relationship, to a conversation, your workplace, your interaction with your children and you will bring a greater level of consciousness and awareness to your life. How often do you speak to others while thinking about something at work? How often have you driven to work or home, with no recollection of how you got there?


Dis-connecting from work and being present and mindful to every moment and experience, being open to receiving, being open to experiencing each moment as a gift and as an experience that is an opportunity to learn and grow, is a part of mindfulness. So, be present, be open… to now! Not worrying about the future, not being defensive, not bringing your worries to where they do not belong! Rather, be open, present and embrace what is right here, right now! What is to come, will be… Living from a place of acceptance and non-judgement is so freeing and empowering.

Nurture Yourself first

Nurturing yourself is another important component of dis-connecting from work and re-connecting to self. It refers even more specifically to aspects of self-care and putting yourself first - a concept foreign to many. Examples include taking time out on a daily or weekly basis purely for you, practicing morning rituals, evening rituals, mindfulness, movement, nutrition, massage, detox baths, socialising, having personal space - whatever you need throughout the process to love, value and honour yourself. This will improve your ability to connect to yourself, to fill your bucket and then give to others.


The reality is, we live a life of many facets and the ability to live this life with the most value, purpose, fulfilment and meaning, starts with connecting with and nurturing yourself around work and to be more mindful in every experience you have. Take the time now to implement these few changes in your life and watch yourself better dis-connect from work every day, and re-connect with yourself and your family.


Some Apps to try

Smiling Mind

A 3-minute Tea Infusion Meditation



Developed by Satinder Singh



Simple Habit

Oak Meditation



Written By: Daniella Princi