EPISODE #297 - How to make millions with Facebook Ads with Greg Nowacki

Erna Basson interviews Greg Nowacki.jpg

In this Podcast, Erna Basson interviews Greg Nowacki on how to make millions with Facebook ads.

This podcast discusses the following:

Please give us a quick 30second brief intro into who Greg is

How did you start your journey

How has fb adds developed from the starting phase to where it is now

What is the nr1 mistake you see entrepreneurs make with their fb adds

What works best – video adds vs imagery adds

Name 5 things that any good FB add should have

Tell us more about the demographic side of doing fb adds?

Is it best to over define your target?

How much should any business spend on social media advertising?

Has social media advertising taken over google adwords or should you have both?

What is defined as a good ROI?

What are the best apps to use for social media advertising

Do you think IG tv is going to take over youtube?

How can people get hold of you?