Kim Kardashian's 3 tips to make millions on social media

Kim Kardashian Woman Entrepreneur.jpg

Love her or hate her but this tv reality superstar sure knows how to grab the attention on her social media platforms.

Kim Kardashian dominates the social media scene with millions of followers on all her platforms, with numbers that will shock you:

Instagram - 105 million followers

Twitter - 57.6 million followers

Facebook - 30 million followers

While her audience is growing everyday so is her bank account.  Kim Kardashian is not just a pretty face or reality tv star, but she is a savvy very successful businesswoman.  

Here are the 3 tips you need right now to increase your followers and make more money

  1. Be Authentic - Being authentic on social media gives your followers a true insight into your life and it will also reveal different aspects of your life
  2. Each platform are used for different things and goals.  Let's take you through these

Instagram - The social media star uses Instagram to post her creative photos to her audience and be sure not to forget to hashtag #dontforgettohashtag

Kim Kardashian Instagram - Woman Entrepreneur.jpg

Facebook - This is a great platform for selling and promoting as it offers a great click through and sell through process.

Kim Kardashian Facebook - Woman Entrepreneur.jpg

Twitter - The star uses this platform to truly engage with her audience, to really listen to what they have to say, get into conversation and also this is a great platform for focus groups

Kim Kardashian Twitter - Woman Entrepreneur.jpg


3.  Be very strategic what you post - Each platform should look a certain way, so start with having a vision what you want from your social media and how you want your social media to look like

So there you have it ladies, if you want to increase your audience and your revenue, be sure to implement these 3 tricks from the reality tv star Kim Kardashian

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