Let go of fear and finally start your first business

Have you ever had a dream job? A career that you know without a doubt is your calling. A career that will keep you motivated, excited and happy but you just cant do it because of fear? Well we are here to tell you that if you can dream it, you can do it! In this article, we are talking about letting go of fear and taking the plunge in starting your own company. 

The beautiful thing about life is that the greatest adventures and achievements all require a certain level of risk. When becoming an entrepreneur, risk is something that needs to be embraced!


For many, the thought of starting their own business can be an exciting, but terrifying idea. We’re taught from a young age to seek security. Go to college, get a good stable job, and invest our money wisely. For most people, starting their own business and leaving a career is just too much of a risk.  


The beautiful thing about life is that the greatest adventures and achievements all require a certain level of risk. When becoming an entrepreneur, risk is something that needs to be embraced!  


So how do you get over the fear of starting your own business, and just really go for it?  The first step to overcoming that fear is to let your excitement outweigh your fear. The thing is, that feeling, fear, mixed with excitement is the very best scenario there could be.  If you didn’t feel any fear at all, it would mean that this was something that really wasn’t all that challenging or uncomfortable for you. Pursuing anything that you’re not passionate about, is not a good idea. That fear you’re feeling is a great indicator that this thing you’re considering doing is really important to you! So, allow yourself to lean in to that excitement, because here’s the truth. If this new pursuit is a complete and utter failure (which it won’t be), there will always be another job out there. But, when you really take a leap of faith to create a business right from your zone of genius and passion, you have the opportunity to create something unique that this world has never experienced! Something that will be extremely needed.


When fear starts to bubble up, our minds typically travel to the land of ‘what if’. What if I fail? What if I run out of money? What if nobody buys from me? What if I make mistakes? What if I embarrass myself? The typical ‘what if’ scenario is not your friend! Unless you flip it right on its head. One thing I regularly have my clients practice, is the reverse what if. It’s all about training our brains to automatically travel to the most positive optimistic outcome, instead of travelling to that dark scary place we seem to automatically find ourselves in when scary or uncomfortable opportunities present themselves. The reverse what if, is all about consciously training your brain to think of every good thing that could possibly transpire if you take the risk to pursue this opportunity that your heart really desires. What if I succeed beyond my greatest expectation? What if I inspire thousands of people? What if I solve peoples’ problems in a real tangible way? What if my product becomes so well known, it’s sold all over the world? What if my brand becomes a household name? As you go through these positive what if statements in your mind, you are powerfully attracting these outcomes. The more often you practice this, the stronger the pull will become.

Starting your business doesn’t have to be as black and white as you’d imagine. You don’t have to wake up one morning and decide to radically alter your entire life’s path.  You don’t have to immediately march right in to your boss’s office and plunk down your letter of resignation on the desk. The reason so much fear comes when most people start imagining what it would be like to start their own business, is that they think they have to immediately quit their job, and they worry about running out of money. There are so many possible scenarios, and it’s all about finding one that fits with the level of risk you’re willing to take!  It’s perfectly possible to start building your business while still working at your regular job. It’s totally an option to pre-plan and spend a specific number of months putting money aside, to prepare for the day when you do quit and go at your business full time. Just remember that there are many options, and if you take the time to do some serious thinking about what would make the most sense in your life, you will find one that works for you and your vision!


Another reason fear is so prominent at the beginning stages of starting a business, is that we tend to think that we have to do it all alone! We start to imagine all of the mistakes we’ll make, and when we think about just how much we will need to learn in order to become successful, it overwhelms us. That is why it is so important to hire a coach. You need that support system to be by your side every step of the way. Hiring someone who is currently in the position that you wish to be in, who has already gone through everything you’re about to experience, is the smartest thing you could do. They’ve already made all of the mistakes, so you don’t have to! It’s all about finding someone who aligns really well with you and your personality, who believes in your vision and has the experience to help you create it!


At the end of the day you can either overcome your fear of failure or get comfortable living with regret. There’s nothing worse than waking up one day and realizing that another year has gone by, and you’ve barely moved forwards from where you were the year before. It feels terrible to have a deep passion or a brilliant idea that you just sit on and do nothing with because fear is standing in the way, and it’s just too overwhelming for you to bare. It’s time right now to pursue the things that light you up! The time has never been better to move forwards towards the ideas and opportunities that set your heart on fire! Get excited to experience the necessary mistakes and failures that will lead to big huge success coming to you. The sooner that you’re ready to overcome this fear, the doors will open to a whole new world of possibilities and experiences for you!

Written By: Lindsay Adamson