Erabella Hair Extensions releases new eyelash collection

Erabella Hair Extensions premium 3D lash collection

Erabella Hair Extensions, well known for selling high quality human hair extensions online and in salons has released their newest collection - Eyelashes.

This collection comes after, Erabella hair extensions has opened branches in New Zealand and Australia.

Erabella hair extensions is worn by celebrities like Kelly Clarkson and can be seen on your favorite social media influencer.

Erabella Hair Extensions started in 2017 by Entrepreneur, Erna Basson wanting to help women look and feel more confident with beautiful hair. Erabella hair extensions has grown rapidly and quickly by the guidance and experience of Erna Basson.

Erabella hair extensions currently has several collections available for purchase including:

  • Classic clip in hair extensions

  • Seamless clip in hair extensions

  • Volumizer clip in hair extensions

  • Tape in hair extensions

  • hair extensions haircare products

  • The Mood eyelash collection

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