Fembody Tea - The Newest Weightloss Trend that everyone is talking about

Fembody Tea - the all natural weightloss solution

We checked out the top-selling and most popular weight-loss products to figure out exactly how they work. The newest brand that everyone is talking about is Fembody - An all natural fat burning, sleep & detox tea that will give you the body you have always wanted.

Fembody is proudly made in New Zealand and is focused on giving women the solution to the most common problem in the world - struggle to lose weight .

Fembody just released its brand new product - 30 Day Body Transformation Pack which consist of a 2 step tea. Kickstart - fat burning morning tea is designed to boost your energy, suppress cravings and burn fat throughout the day. Sleeptox - Sleep detox night tea is designed to help you sleep better while detoxing. We all know the importance of sleep when trying to lose weight. This tea will relax and calm you while removing toxins from your body.

Fembody 30 day body transformation pack

We spoke to the Founder of Fembody , Erna Basson - who is an entrepreneur by heart who says that she created this brand and product out of pure frustration. Erna Basson @ernabassonofficial, is the proud mother of 2 beautiful boys.  After having kids she struggled to have a restful night of sleep, struggled to lose that extra post-pregnancy weight and her metabolism started slowing down being nearly non existent.   With the constant demands of being a mother and work, Erna became addicted to coffee as an energy source but this did not help solve her problems - Struggle to sleep, slow metabolism, losing weight and being bloated.

Erna started looking for alternatives and solutions to her problem, she tried so many things and yet the problem still remained.

After speaking with hundreds of women in New Zealand it became clear - she was not the only one with this problem.

She then decided to create something that will solve all her problems like:

- Lack of energy

- Lack of restful sleep

- Slow / non - existing metabolism

- Struggle with losing weight

- Bloat

An all Natural 2 Step Fat Burning & Sleeptox tea.  

Now she is helping thousands of women in New Zealand and across the world to get their life back one sip at a time!

So ladies, when you are ready to transform your body and gain confidence, Fembody is the answer.