Daniella Princi | The Conscious Psychologist Author, Success Coach & International Speaker

Daniella is a professional psychologist of 14 years, success coach & international speaker and a businesswoman, known for her open and integrated approaches to mental health and wellness. She is The Conscious Psychologist and the health and wellness expert of Your Intrinsic Life, bringing healing to people through conscious connection & awareness, education, clarity, empowerment, enlightenment and transformation. She creates success in life, relationships, family and business.

Daniella Princi - The Conscious Psychologist | Woman Entrepreneur

Give us a brief background of what you do?

I connect people to their success- in life, family, business and relationships; through a comprehensive, proactive, holistic and client-centred psychological approach. I combine my psychological skills and experiences with coaching; and help my clients to take control of their lives through education and insight, personal connection, understanding & growth. I am practical and solution-focused, giving you tools to empower you to reconnect and transform- to gain a sense of control over all aspects of your life. You will find your balance and make choices and changes for yourself; thereby better coping with whatever life presents you; and enabling you to become the best version of yourself. Through working with me, clients connect to their Success through conscious connection to their purpose and truth; discovering and living a life of balance, authenticity, value, meaning and vitality on all levels… 

What are the key factors that got you to where you are today?

I have been a practicing psychologist for 14 years. Approximately 5 years ago, whilst moving through my own personal experiences, I realised that I was feeling some limitations around my career as a psychologist. As a result, I  delved into the journey of discovering and exploring my life’s purpose further, and I realised that I had the ability (and willingness) to do so much more for the people I work with. I also realised that many of my own clients were experiencing similar moments of disconnection and overwhelm, feeling lost and unfulfilled. I therefore adjusted my approach with my clients to what I believed to be a much more powerful and holistic approach. I also began writing my 30-day success-transformation program. I studied further mindful-based practices, the nutritional component to mental health and coaching practices. The journey and growth continue, and will never stop! But here I am today… Exactly where I am meant to be and ready to connect all to their Success!

What is the key thing you want people to know about you?

I live (and have lived) what I speak to and support my clients in. My experiences are their experiences, as I live to serve. I believe in living a life of truth and authenticity; of value, passion and meaning. I honour all that I am, and my spiritual, empathic and intuitive gifts enhance all that I am able to give to my clients that I am of service to.  Connecting to this is the key to success!

Daniella Princi | Health and Wellness Coach | Woman Entrepreneur
Daniella Princi with Mel Gibson and JT Foxx

Daniella Princi with Mel Gibson and JT Foxx

What has been some of your greatest successes / achievements?

Stepping out on my own and commencing my holistic psychological and coaching practice; and gaining acknowledgement for this- both locally and globally.
Formulating my 30-day Success & Transformation program.
Speaking in Los Angeles to almost 3000 powerful individuals about the power of conscious connection to self as we face and move through life’s battles; after meeting and working with Worlds #1 Coach, JT Foxx earlier in the year.

Having articles published in an Australian magazine and local newspapers; as well as the story of my speech in LA being picked up by global news, including ABC, Fox and NBC. 

Daniella Princi with Steve Wozniak

Daniella Princi with Steve Wozniak

Daniella Princi with Steve WozniakMark Wahlberg

Daniella Princi with Steve WozniakMark Wahlberg

Name 3 business principles that are of core value to you?

Find your purpose and live and work with authenticity, integrity and gratitude.

Love what you do! My business is my passion and my purpose; I strive to be of service to others- it fulfils me.

Walk your talk!

Danniella Princi with Bret Michaels

Danniella Princi with Bret Michaels

What has been the hardest part of being an entrepreneur?

As a businesswoman, single mother and entrepreneur, the biggest challenges are managing my time and energy, being efficient in achieving what I want when I want it, and having a clear vision and direction of what to focus on. Through this past year I have realised the value of having your own coach, as I learned from JT Foxx. Without the support from my coaches, I would still be exactly where I was when starting out two years ago.

What are the 3 things about entrepreneurship that you experienced that no one told you about?

You need to remove yourself from all negativity (people and situations), and leave fear, doubt and judgement at the door! Trust and faith will carry you through.

It is a challenging and potentially lonely journey initially, but there is a lot of power in the support of like-minded individuals and connecting with them as you continue to learn and grow.

You cannot succeed without investment in yourself and your businesses- we often “wait”- for better times, or more money- to invest in the business; but by investing in the right things first, initially (coaching, marketing, strategies), you will be successful.

How important is it to have a business coach & what significant role in change has your coach played in your business journey?

As previously mentioned, having a coach is vital- both for personal and business growth. I have both! Your vision and processes become clearer, you are held accountable and you continually learn and grow. My coaches have helped me become clear on the most relevant direction I need to take as a coach (and within myself) at certain times in my journey; and keep me in check as my creative self runs away with ideas. I am reminded to stay focused and on track through accountability.  Coaches help to keep the emotion out of ideas and decision-making; and also assist you to remain true and connected to yourself in the process.

How do you overcome rejection?

Don’t take it personally! Every experience is an opportunity to learn and grow. Either the individual/s is not for you; or there are lessons you can learn in terms of how you may approach the situation again in the future. Keep working through the “no’s” until you get a “yes”. Don’t stop. Never give up. You can always find excuses not to do something. If you have something, if you want to achieve something, DO IT! It’s hard, but do not stop! There is no space for mediocre if you want to succeed! As with anything new and “outside” of your comfort zone, there are fears and challenges to overcome. THAT is where your growth and success begin!

Daniella Princi

How do you stay motivated and what keeps you going?

I have an absolute passion for what I do and am focussed on my purpose of reaching as many people as possible to help them connect to their truth and success. This motivates and drives me every day, along with the continuous personal and business growth I receive throughout the journey- I do not like being in a space of ‘plateau’. I love learning and challenging myself. I also practice what I preach, and that includes staying healthy, which in return helps me to maintain my motivation.

How do you juggle motherhood with your busy schedule?

For me it is a combination of things. Energy management and using a visual schedule (having a routine and being organised) is key. Prioritising is also important. There is a concept called “lopsided balance”. We all have five or so core values which we cannot achieve all in one day. So, it’s a matter of prioritising two to three a day and allowing the others to wait until the next day! And to keep my balance and calm throughout this process? I practice- just as I suggest to my clients- mindfulness and meditation and incorporate movement into every day.

What is your key to success?

Never be anyone that you are not. Own all of who you are and be true and authentic in all that you do. Live with purpose, passion, value and meaning, speak your truth, maintain your focus, have a plan, be present, be kept accountable, keep growing and learning (have coaches!), don’t listen to your excuses and never stop. Trust and believe!