Christina Smith | Driven by Dedication and Determination

1. Give us a brief background of what you do?

Christina Smith | Entrepreneur, International Speaker and Customer Service Queen

Christina Smith | Entrepreneur, International Speaker and Customer Service Queen

Coming from a corporate background in customer services, it is important that this is a main focus within my own businesses. As an investor in property for both long and short-term stays, our long-term tenants and short-term guests will both be treated equally as clients; it is where the ethics and morals of our company sit and therefore subject to the high standards of client service that is our brand.

The great thing about customer service is that it has the same principles in whichever business you decide to position it, and it is only the subject matter that changes. Therefore, it is easy, yet many businesses don’t place enough priority on this essential business principle. 

"It is customer service that drives a company’s bottom line and ultimate success!"

2. What are the key factors that got you to where you are today?

Persistence, Persistence, Persistence!
Being coachable
Surrounding myself with the right people

3. Name 3 business principles that are of core value to you?


4. What are the 3 things about entrepreneurship that you experienced that no one told you about?

a) It sucks sometimes! You will be broke for a while and most probably in debt
b) It can be lonely and you may lose friends or loved ones along the way
c) You have to be resilient! Resilient to the point of not giving up no matter what!

The way back is just as long as the way forward!
Christina Smith - Public Speaker and Woman Entrepreneur

5. How important is it to have a business coach & what significant role in change has your coach played in your business journey?

Enlisting a business coach has been life changing. I have been fortunate to have JT Foxx, The Worlds #1 Wealth Coach, to coach me through my journey. You cannot do your journey alone, you need a team. Mindset and perseverance are key, so surround yourself with successful people and the people that have succeeded before you. A business coach will guide you through the journey; why discover all of the mistakes yourself when you can be guided by someone that has experienced them and can help you avoid those pitfalls? Invest in yourself…you’re worth it!  


6. What 3 core advice principals will you give women that are wanting to start their own business?

a) Make your passion your business - if you have a passion for your business it will not only be a more enjoyable journey, but you are more likely to push to succeed at all costs.

b) Surround yourself with the right people - who you spend time with is who you become!

c) Get a business coach.

7. How do you stay motivated and what keeps you going?

My vision is strong and my goals are clear, therefore my motivation is powerful. Is it hard sometimes? Of course it is, but if it was easy everyone would be doing it. This is what sets you apart from those who fail……Never, never, never give up! 

8. What is your favourite quote and explain why?

This is a quote by Randi Zuckerberg, whom I was lucky enough to meet when speaking in South Africa earlier this year:  

“My worst day working for myself is better than my best day working for somebody else” 

For an entrepreneur on a ‘bad’ day, those words are simply diamonds! 

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