Dominique Penn | Building a Legacy with Drive, Dedication and Determination

Dominique Penn

Dominique Penn


Name: Dominique Penn

Country: USA

Industry: Retail & Feminine Hygiene 

Business Name: Niq & Co. It host several businesses such as Strollers And More, EMPL Books, & Discreezips. I also have a Foundation called - Dominique Penn Open Heart Foundation

Favorite Quote to live by:

“I don’t give not one person that much power over my path that I’m walking. No one can make or break what I’m doing except me or God.” ~Nip

1. Please give us a bit of background on who you are and what you do? (what is your backstory/your business)

My name is Dominique Penn, a native of Los Angeles/ Inglewood, CA. I am a mother, and entrepreneur amongst a host of other things. I own a high end baby boutique in Woodland Hills, CA and when I am not in my store, I am working on my new product Discreezips. I have accomplished my dream of becoming a children’s author and I host a foundation in which I give back to the community through my Baby boutique & Dominique Penn Open Heart Foundation. My new baby is called Discreezips and I can’t wait to launch the first idea within the company in June! As a woman, I am always trying to find things that will potentially make our lives a bit easier, because our days that consist of full time work and being full time moms can be quite exhausting.

2. What are three business & life lessons you have learned throughout your journey?

Throughout my journey, I have learned many business and life long lessons. I have no large name behind any of my brands, so I have to build my brands from the ground up. I have to find a way that will make my brand stand apart from something similar. I wake up thinking..”What will make one come into my store?” or “What will make this person buy my product, when they can buy a product they are used to?”.

My customer service and my work ethic is something that will continue to bring in my customers. I have learned that budgeting is important, that consistency is key and that it may not work out the first time, however, you have the second and third time to try again. My life lessons consist of knowing that everyone may not be as supportive about your ideas, but if you have faith continue to push through. Your supporters will not always be your family or friends, there are strangers who are pushing for me to be the best brand that I can be. The community that I am building is so awesome.

Lastly, living by the 3 “Ds” is a life long lesson that will continue to live with me. Drive, Dedication and Determination. All three are the key ingredients to not only a successful business, but a successful life as well.

3. What advice can you give other entrepreneurs that are struggling to break through the glass ceiling in reaching their goals?

The advice I can give other entrepreneurs would be to turn your fear into faith. There were so many moments that blocked me from starting my books, boutique, and Discreezips because of the fear of “What If”. I would tell them to turn their “What Ifs” in to “What Else”. What else do I need to do to take my business to the next level? What else? If you believe in yourself and your brand, no one can take that from you. Your faith will always be larger than your fear if you believe in YOU.

4.  What inspires and motivates you? What wakes you up every morning, make you get the work done and do it all over again the next day?

I am a mom, I don’t know how cliche this may sound...but my kids motivate me. My mom was a single mother. She worked countless hours, studied to get her masters, all while being the best mom she could possibly be. I use to brush my teeth in the library sink and go to school in the mornings watching my mom give it her all. My aunts and my grandmother also showed me what it meant to be a REAL woman. I am the woman I am because of her and my family. We always put each other first and find solutions no matter what we have on our plates. My kids push me to be better. One day, when I am no longer here I want them to know what I was preparing for them. I want to create a string of things, something that will continue to grow with them and for them. That’s what wakes me up everyday, gets me going and continues to make me want to do it all over. I have little ones looking at me, and I will continue to build a legacy for them. Each one of my business will be left to them so if I’m the CEO best believe they are too.

5.  How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors? What makes you unique?

My customer service, my work ethic and my realness separates me from others. When you come to Strollers and More, no matter who you are, you will feel like you’ve stepped into Mercedes Benz dealership. Some people are calling me the Auntie of Woodland Hills. Whether you’re looking to buy or looking to browse, I will definitely make you want to come back to my store. I know times are hard for some people, so I constantly give away strollers to people that need them and gift cards. There are enough people in the world that use their platforms for nonsense, I want to use mine for something bigger than me.

I am also an open book and I will always be that way. My personality is something that also drives my businesses and that is something that will never change. I’m Solid.