Doris Schachenhofer | Breaking through the barriers of the mind to achieve limitless success

Doris embodies a presence, a clarity combined with kindness, caring and acceptance that gives people the ease and confidence to change anything. She is an all-rounder when it comes to mentoring people: whether it is a single mother or the CEO of a large company. As a mother of two, she has built up an independent global business and loves her crazy, moving and varied life and business.

Being You with Doris Schachenhofer

Being You with Doris Schachenhofer


Name: Doris Schachenhofer

Country: Austria

Industry: Communication coach, Life and Business Mentor, Facilitator

Business Name: Being You with Doris Schachenhofer

Favorite Quote to live by:

'“If you don´t doubt yourself, you can’t be controlled by others”

1. Please give us a bit of background on who you are and what you do? (what is your backstory/your business)

I am a business and communication coach, life mentor and facilitator for several Access Consciousness® special programs, including Joy of Business. I currently offer online workshops and consultations, serving clients all over the world. Drawing upon my nine years in social work, I seek to break social paradigms around business, money and wealth creation.

After completing my studies in social work in Vienna, I worked with children, adults, homeless people, delinquent youth and prisoners, and in education. I started working at the age of 15 to earn my own money and realize my dreams. For me, it did not matter what kind of work I did and how much I worked, as long as it was fun for me. I love to interact, create and empower others.

In 2014, my life changed drastically and now I travel around the world, encouraging people to be more of themselves - in every area of life.

2. What are three business & life lessons you have learned throughout your journey?

Never give up!

The moment before you think it isn’t going to work out, that is the moment to ask another question and take 2 more steps. These are the moments that create something greater. If you are willing to persevere and have faith in yourself.

 Don´t wait for others. It will hold you back.

Be willing to be judged and left by certain people in order to achieve success, to have the life and career that you know is possible. You are not abandoning them or leaving them behind, it’s their choice.

Don´t try to make other people understand you.

Inspire yourself and you will inspire others.

3.  What advice can you give other entrepreneurs that is struggling to breakthrough the glass sealing in reaching their goals?

Don´t look at the how, it’s unfathomable.  Look for opportunities and be willing to do and be whatever and whoever you need to be. Be prepared to lose all or gain everything. Do whatever it takes. Most people struggle to break through because this concept goes far beyond their logical mindset. Creating a business that breaks through the glass ceiling requires the willingness to choose to be out of control, out of definition and out of linearity and asking questions like…

What else is possible that I have not considered or asked for yet?

4. When & how did your big shift take place?

4 years ago I was stuck in my life. I was a stay at home mum with almost no social contacts. I was dedicated to being a good mother and this put me under huge pressure. At that time I took life so seriously, I wanted to get it right but at the same time felt so conflicted, like I was not enough. I felt misunderstood and so lost.

Why could I not be like other people, just living and being satisfied with what they had? I found myself in a place of self-doubt and self-judgement. I was angry and unhappy, not satisfied but at the same time keeping up the facade of ‘pretending’ everything was fine. It was at this point that I started to question everything in my life. What would I like to create? What would I like my life to be like? What would I enjoy?

When I started asking these questions, everything changed. All kinds of possibilities appeared and in a short amount of time my entire world was transformed and the joy of living returned.

5.  What inspires and motivates you? What wakes you up every morning, make you get the work done and do it all over again the next day?

I am inspired by the beauty of life and living, the abundance and possibilities. The gift of being alive and exploring new things every day. I am motivated by seeing other people thrive and encouraging them to find the joy in living life at its fullest.

Every day there are endless possibilities. The curiosity and the wonder of what every moment could bring are the reasons I wake up looking forward to every day. Even if there is nothing that needs to be done, you can decide to fill the day with life bringing creativity. It is your choice. In my life nothing is routine, there is always more…more contentment, more excitement, more fun.

6. How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors? What makes you unique?

I don´t compare myself to others. That is one of the greatest limitations we can put on ourselves. I find other people a source of inspiration and innovation. The way they live their lives or conduct their business can lead to a breakthrough in my own life. I ask myself, “What motivates them to make the choices they making?” and then ask myself, “Would that be a choice I would make? Would it benefit my life, business or profit margin?”

Asking questions allows me to bypass mental limitations, remove all judgement, rationalization and justification and opens up infinite possibilities. If you don´t doubt yourself you can’t be controlled by others. If you enjoy your career and keep thinking creatively, you will be successful.

When you give up the need to be right, you achieve mental flexibility. Being open-minded, constantly questioning “why?” is so empowering. This is the only way to break through mental blocks and the glass ceiling you set for yourself.

7.  What do you think is the biggest trend we will see in 2019 within the entrepreneur space

Asking questions is true empowerment, thinking you always have the answer is dis-empowering. The true power is ‘Being You’, and not fitting into other people´s standards or realities.

The world is asking for benevolence, empowerment and leaders that live and operate from ‘Beingness’. Leaders who are extraordinary with no limitations. Entrepreneurs that embrace possibilities, that are true to themselves, devoid of judgement and fear. I believe we will start seeing more of them in 2019.

7.  Any other question you would like to add?

What else is possible?

What would it take for you to know, perceive, be and embrace your greatness?