Dr Shellie Hipsky - Empowering Women Across The World

Dr Shellie Hipsky - Empowering Women Across The World

Dr. Shellie Hipsky - Empowering women across the world

Dr. Shellie Hipsky - Empowering women across the world


Name & Surname: Dr. Shellie Hipsky

Country: USA

Industry: Motivational Media

Business Name: Inspiring Lives International & Inspiring Lives Magazine

Website: www.InspiringLivesInternational.com & www.InspiringLivesMagazine.com

Contact Details: s.hipsky@InspiringLivesMagazine.com

Favorite Quote: “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” – Maya Angelou

Please give us a bit of background on who you are and what you do?

I have dedicated my life to empowering women globally to achieve their dreams. Through the Inspiring Lives company, magazine, and movement we are truly inspiring lives.

I left my coveted tenured professor position because I was becoming a go-to-expert in inspiration and was raising my two children. I knew that I was destined to make a profound impact on the women of the world. It has been a blessing to be able to interview over a thousand women over the years and tell their inspiring stories, which helps my audience.

I am the CEO of Inspiring Lives International, and through this position, I attracted readers, followers, and a powerful audience that was begging for more inspiring content, products, and services. I earned the relationships, influence, and awards such as “Entrepreneur of the Year,” “Woman of Achievement,” and “Best Business Woman.”  The company Inspiring Lives International is still growing after my TV show Inspiring Lives with Dr. Shellie wrapped up. Empowering Women Radio was syndicated to 120 radio stations, I have done keynote speaking and podcasts internationally, and the 13 books that I wrote, including the best-selling Common Threads trilogy on Inspiration, Empowerment, and Balance, are being enjoyed worldwide.

I am also the editor-in-chief of the award-winning Inspiring Lives Magazine, which is available in print in all 655 Barnes and Noble book stores across the country and in digital form through the website and new app for our international audience. My Best of Inspiring Lives Magazine book can be read for FREE at support.inspiringlivesinternational.com/, and my book for Empowered Entrepreneurs through Morgan James Publishing hits the shelves in 2020.

As the leader of Inspiring Lives International, I delight in connecting women internationally, highlighting their powerful human-interest stories, and transforming women’s lives through my EmpowerU Master Class.

What are three business & life lessons you have learned throughout your journey?

1. The key to all business begins and ends with the power of relationships and serving your client’s needs.

2. You must form a team to fill in your knowledge and talent gaps while supporting each other.

3. There is strength in collaboration, beauty in communication, and respect in a job well done.


How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors? What makes you unique?

My lifetime of service through volunteer work outside of my business is what sets me apart from other business leaders. I created the nonprofit 501 (c)(3) The Global Sisterhood, and I serve as the president, guiding the charity to provide support for women and girls toward achieving their dreams and goals. What we have been able to achieve for women in need from Pakistan to right here at home in the United States has been life-transforming for so many! From donating much-needed shoes to make a profound difference for a village in Africa to mommy makeovers that we did in a homeless shelter in Pittsburgh so they could see themselves as worthy and beautiful again after domestic violence, The Global Sisterhood is there to support women and children in their times of need. It is from this place of serving and empowerment that I come to all my work, whether it is volunteering or in my thriving business.

As Haseena Patel the co-founder of the NGLB Leadership Academy in South Africa stated, “Dr. Shellie Hipsky’s success through her many initiatives, as well as her global perspective, make her the perfect educator for women worldwide who want to become entrepreneurs and/or who want to take the next steps in their lives or businesses. I have felt empowered from across the world watching Dr. Shellie walk-her-talk through her own success. I learned how to brand, market and enroll others in my vision. Dr. Shellie leads with fun, commitment, and badass ‘get-it-done-ness’!”


What inspires and motivates you? What wakes you up every morning, makes you get the work done and do it all over again the next day?

You inspire me! We empower each other! Your stories motivate me when I highlight women like you.

Being able to teach the educators, leaders, dreamers, and entrepreneurs of tomorrow makes my heart sing. It did it for a decade when I was a tenured professor of undergrad to Ph.D. students. When I plunged into entrepreneurship, I made the right decision for me, my children who I adore, and countless women internationally. I made the world my classroom through my EmpowerU Master Class, plus through Inspiring Lives Magazine, my media platforms, books, and on stage! I prove daily that “Inspiration is just a story away!”



Dr Shellie Hipsky Woman Entrepreneur


Website: www.InspiringLivesInternational.com & www.InspiringLivesMagazine.com

Email: s.hipsky@InspiringLivesMagazine.com