Mirav Maria Tarkka - Helping Entrepreneurs Achieve Their Goals

Mirav Maria Tarkka - Helping Entrepreneurs Achieve Their Goals

Mirav Maria Tarkka

Mirav Maria Tarkka


Name & Surname: Mirav Maria Tarkka (Mirav Tarkka)

Country: Born in Israel, living in Italy right now

 Industry: Coaching - Power Coach

 Business Name: Pepper Coaching

 Website: www.peppercoaching.online

Favorite Quote: “Some women fear the fire. Some women simply become it “(r.h. sin)

1. Please give us a bit of background on who you are and what you do? (what is your backstory/your business)

I was born in Israel, a country of ongoing war and conflict, to parents of Finnish and Israeli descent. My life mirrored the determined legacy of nations fighting for independence and survival. I witnessed suffering through captivity, threat and violence for many years.

By the age of 18 I’d been through 4 wars and entered military service as an Operation Sergeant and Self Defense (Military Krav Maga) Instructor. Despite all the violence and fear, the passion to live fully has always been a huge part of who I am. I learnt to adapt quickly, to live each moment with presence, to embrace life and to protect myself.

I achieved University Degrees in Psychology and Criminology, inspired by my curiosity to demystify human nature, understand violence and help people deal with challenges.

My passion for justice and self-preservation drove me to spend the next 18 years becoming a World renowned Self Defense expert, specializing in Civil Krav Maga (Israeli Contact Combat) with my work featured in TV and print media.

I moved to Italy after the last war in Israel and made it my mission to support women to find a higher level of awareness, develop confidence and regain control over their lives. My unique approach equipped women with invaluable personal safety, awareness and self defense skills. I injected my own fun, feisty personality into the way I taught self defense to promote power, not fear.

Despite the fact that I looked like a strong ‘badass’ on the outside for so many years, I’m extremely sensitive and I suffered from a lack of confidence and self love which manifested in so many painful ways. I was determined to find ways to change but for a while it felt like nothing I tried was ever profound enough.

I started to break through when I met my first Life Coach in South Italy in 2005. Since then, I’ve enjoyed an ongoing journey towards true empowerment.

My progress accelerated rapidly when I became a mother at the end of 2015, and this happened again when I became a single mother at  the beginning of 2017.  Faced with a divorce, moving countries and the responsibility of 2 little girls to raise alone, I experienced fear beyond anything I’d ever imagined. I could no longer work internationally teaching Self Defense. With my 2 little girls watching me I knew that I had to become the best version of myself as quickly as possible.

In these days I enjoy living on the picturesque, sunny border of the French Riviera with my daughters, I enjoy the kind of confidence, self love, self control and power in my life that I’ve never felt before. 

Living the life of my dreams means that I’m climbing new mountains every day - publishing my first book, entitled ‘Undefeatable’, working with top class mentors and constantly discovering incredible new parts of myself that I didn’t even know existed!

But most importantly I’m a proud role model to my little girls, raising them to be strong, confident, powerful women who’ll live their lives with vitality and passion just like me.

I’m on a mission to help visionaries, entrepreneurs or anyone accomplish their goals or dreams, no matter how big or small. By gaining clarity, creating a clear vision and preparing a ‘plan of attack’ - my speciality - I show my clients how to overcome obstacles, blocks, fears and challenges in the shortest time possible.

I have accomplished so much in my life by staying determined and driven, educating myself with the right tools. I’ll never give up or surrender. I know how it is to go through hell. I’ve learned that having your goal at the forefront of your mind saves you from the fire and stokes your own flames. My kick-ass, active style, my passion for life and my ‘no mercy, no BS’ achievement blueprint is exactly what helps my clients thrive.

2. What are three business & life lessons you have learned throughout your journey?

i)  Every wall can be demolished, turned into a doorway or perceived differently. In other words every problem in life has a solution - actually, at least two!

So when you face problems, challenges or difficulties of any kind, get excited about this opportunity to stretch your mind muscles and think outside the box. Create solutions where it seems like a dead end and excitement where there is no hope. Look for that opening, that edge, that twist and see things happening despite difficulties because of your creativity and capacity to see gold where others are blind.

ii) Never get comfortable.

The comfort zone will bring stillness. In business and life- it is ‘grow or go’.. I am not saying don’t take time off or relax, I am saying don’t get so comfortable that you stop developing, you stop learning or you stop wanting. 

Like Steve Jobs said, ‘stay hungry’. You need to keep that fire burning inside you. Create goals, achieve them, challenge yourself. Do more, be more! Don’t risk becoming one of the crowd, one of the ‘auto pilots’. 

Rule your Queendom, take no prisoners, keep your mind and body active, step out of your comfort zone as much as possible. This is how you will discover things. Not in the same old good old.  

iii) ‘You can’t threaten a whore with a dick’ – a famous – and apparently rude - Israeli saying, meaning the more powerful you get, the less anyone can have power over you.

Weapon yourself up. Have the knowledge, tools, skills, preparation, mentality,  training and drive to be undefeatable. Become so empowered, so strong that any threat will fall ‘dead on deaf ears’, as nothing will be able to shut you down.

I used to tell myself this hundreds of times when things got really hard. I kept going, kept my spirits up and was never ready to surrender knowing that the closer I am to my goal, the less anyone can take my power away.

3. What advice can you give other entrepreneurs that is struggling to breakthrough the glass sealing in reaching their goals? 

So you know the obvious things - never give up, never stop learning and never stop believing in yourself.  Classic, repeated, but super important.

I do want to add one thing -  treat yourself like your highest paying ideal client. Practice what you preach, be attentive to how you feel, treat yourself lovingly and with great care and attention.

Strangely enough, most coaches I know give more to others than to themselves. Result? Lack of belief in self, frustration, mistrust in self, lack of confidence and so on. So take yourself as a project and set a personal example to everyone else.

Don’t be ashamed to ask for help, to get a mentor or sign up to a course. That’s not admitting defeat, it’s an example of a great teacher - who is always keen to grow and improve. ‘When Mamma ain’t good - ain’t no one good’. You need to be on top of the World in your own eyes, that is where the real magic happens.

4. What inspires and motivates you? What wakes you up every morning, make you get the work done and do it all over again the next day?

Pretty obvious here, ha? ☺

My little girls. Becoming a mother was the most significant pivot point of my life and becoming a single mother gave that moment even more ‘weight’. I am ALL my little girls have. They look up to me, they copy me, they’re becoming very similar to me. 

Although I know that, unfortunately, I won’t live forever, I want to leave them a great legacy to carry on, morals and principles to lead them in life, the capacity and ability to love themselves and others, a strong, determined, driven character that will bring them greatness and keep them safe.

I want them to be the greatest human beings they can be and have an amazing life. I want them to be able to grow amazing children of their own in the future. I don’t want them to have to go through what I’ve endured.

My knowledge, experience and lessons will be all theirs. I believe a parent can create so much for their children - not only food, security and protection, but an undefeatable character, personality and self awareness. A feeling of worthiness so that they can enjoy the best possible life.

In the moments where I feel like giving up, letting go, forgetting about my big goals and dreams, I just look at them. I see the trust in their eyes, their admiration and their love for me and I know I can, and must, keep on going.

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Mirav Maria Tarkka

Website: www.peppercoaching.online

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