Mona Tenjo | CEO of RespectStrategy | Ensuring Businesses are Set Up for Success

Mona Tenjo is an entrepreneur, a hands-on optimizer and a passionate strategic management consultant. She founded RespectStrategy with her business partner Hajo Sonntag to help entrepreneurs be more efficient and successful. Read to find out how Mona can help your business reach new heights.

Mona Tenjo - CEO of RespectStrategy

Mona Tenjo - CEO of RespectStrategy


Name: Mona Tenjo

Country: Germany

Industry: Strategic Management Consulting

Business Name: RespectStrategy,

Favorite Quote to live by:

“Your backend shows how your business is set up for success – if your backend is messy, you will have issues as soon as you start growing.”

- Mona Tenjo


1.  Please give us a bit of background on who you are and what you do? (what is your backstory/your business)

My name is Mona Tenjo and I am the CEO of RespectStrategy, a strategic management consultancy. We streamline operational processes for our clients by assessing the core elements of a company that are critical for success: strategy, resources (time, money, people), processes and systems.

During the past 15 years I have been working in companies of varying sizes – from start-ups to multi- national corporations - in different roles ranging from accounting, assistant to managing directors, lobbying, project management to consulting.

One thing that most companies have in common is that they struggle with their operations. There are no processes in place, systems don’t communicate with each other and people don’t receive adequate on-boarding or training. This results in a slowdown of the overall operational performance. Employees leave the company because they are fed up with the chaos. Clients end contracts because they are frustrated about the customer service and sales are lost because feedback can’t be delivered in time.

I founded RespectStrategy to tackle exactly these issues. I want my clients to unleash their full potential by having systems and processes in place to back up their core competences and optimize operations.

2. What advice can you give other entrepreneurs that is struggling to breakthrough the glass ceiling in reaching their goals?

The best advice that I can give to anybody is to “Never give up on something that you believe in, when you feel stuck in your situation, get some help and perspective from outside to get moving again.

Quitting does not exist in my vocabulary and everything that I am most proud of is a result of hard work and persistence. When you feel trapped in a situation and feel like nothing is happening then it is extremely important to get an outside perspective. Often you don’t see a solution because you are too close to the problem but somebody from the outside can show you a way out very fast.

Another reason why getting help is so important is the dynamic that having a good support system can have. We all have our ups and downs, but if you are stuck in a rut then it is very difficult to pick yourself up. Another person can motivate and push you or simply ask the right questions to change the focus to what really matters. This is extremely valuable to moving forward!

3. How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors? What makes you unique?

We differentiate ourselves in 3 main points:

1) Our analysis follows a very holistic approach. Due to our very diverse professional backgrounds, we can look at the business as a whole and see where a problem really lies. If you ask specialists for dedicated topics, they will always find issues within their expertise, but often business problems are more complex and can’t be nailed down to one issue. We look at the overall business flow and help our clients optimize their entire operation. Keeping in consideration all the aspects that are relevant for a successful solution.

2) Our solutions follow a hands-on and practical approach – theory is nice, but we believe in implementing measures that are sustainable and work in the real world.

3) Our solutions are 100% customized to our client’s needs. Each business has a different combination of assets and resources. We look at each business individually to make sure we design the best possible solution for that specific business. Naturally we use all the best practices and lessons learned but we tailor-make a solution for each client, not every best practice is useful for every company.

In Conclusion

At RespectStrategy, we analyze what is blocking your success, develop custom-fit solutions and implement them hands-on via trainings and coachings. All that with one target in mind: Help you be more successful and grow faster.