Amber Gilmore- Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Helping babies and families sleep through the night

Amber Gilmore- Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Helping babies and families sleep through the night

Amber Gilmore- Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Helping babies and families sleep through the night

Amber Gilmore- Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Helping babies and families sleep through the night


Name & Surname: Amber Gilmore

Strengths: Great Positive Attitude and Trustworthy
Country: United States Of America
Industry: Sleep Consultant/Coach & Newborn Care Specialist 
Business Name: Creative Nurturing L.L.C

Favorite Quote: Be humble in your confidence yet courageous in your character- melanie koulouris.

1. Please give us a bit of background on who you are and what you do? (what is your backstory/your business)****Compulsory

I’m Amber Gilmore based in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m a traveling certified pediatric sleep consultant, cache certified master newborn care specialist, postpartum doula as well as a certified professional nanny. With 13 years of experience, I’m blessed to do what I love and am happy to be of service to assist, guide and educate families and get their infants and children sleeping well. 

I assist families in the 4th trimester of their infant's life, write customized sleep plans and sleep train their child with proven methods that work, without resulting to crying it out, if positive habits are put in place very early on.  Creative Nurturing offers business services for pediatric sleep consulting, sleep coaching, sleep training, traveling, overnight care and 24/7 newborn care. I gently sleep train babies according to their developmental stages, readiness, adjusted age and families' needs. 

Families look forward to hiring me to help relieve parents of their worries of being alone and overwhelmed once they have given birth, months after they have given birth and when their child is over 12 months old. We have solutions for any age from birth to 4 years old.  I help assist with all newborn care, feedings, schedules, sleep and more while allowing the parent(s) themselves a sleep break. This break entails anything from simply refreshing themselves and gaining their energy back after giving birth, a long tiring day, break to shower, time to enjoy and n nourish themselves with food, to have personal time and more.

At Creative Nurturing, we troubleshoot infants and children's sleep problems and concerns up to 4 years of age. The goal is for families and their infants and children to be well-rested, happy and peaceful. The options available give families reassurance that we are here for them. Families may choose me as their dedicated sleep trainer, by being in their home every night or around the clock to help with their newborn and or as well taking it a step further to sleep train, once their little one is at the appropriate age and ready for it. If the parents and families are up for the challenge and know they want and can “do it themselves” then, I will write a customized sleep plan to fit their child needs with a proven sleep method that will work.

2. What are the three business & life lessons you have learned throughout your journey?

-3 Business lessons

Master your specialty and craft-I started my professional career in 2006 and I knew I needed to master my craft by having extensive knowledge and years of experience to really be good in my field. The experience was my best teacher. It’s impossible to learn everything from a textbook because it will never prepare you for real-life scenarios. I’m able to assess all situations with an open mind because no one infant or child is the same nor will they respond to the same sleep training method the same, flexibility is key. I’m thankful to learn something new from each baby, it keeps me humble and level headed. 

Invest in yourself- This is so important. When you have extra funds always invest in yourself. You may not be able at times but when you can, always better yourself and learn more. It’s so important to invest in yourself because no one will make you nor care if you do or don’t. If you don’t meet the qualifications you will be overlooked.

Choose a business that makes a positive difference to people-You need to have passion, empathy, and relatability to your service. I chose to be a sleep consultant and newborn care specialist for infants and children because I know this area for many families, is hard to tackle. It takes a lot of strong will, discipline, and will power to sleep train a child. It has nothing to do with the method but more so with habits that need to be broken, your mindset and consistency.  To get the best results it takes following a certain set of rules and mentally being prepared to make changes permanently.

-3 Life lessons

Pray Daily- I pray every day, I’m very thankful to wake up every day and continue to live, see my family and friends and to strive another day towards my dreams. Without faith, prayer and a positive mindset I wouldn’t be where I am today. Starting a business and working for yourself is very stressful, expensive at times and takes a lot of discipline and sacrifices to see successful results. I pray for the peace of mind and to get through all obstacles and challenges that may present itself, I value peace.

Believe in your abilities-There was a time a while ago I didn’t fully believe in myself because I didn’t have all the advanced certifications for my field. I needed to have proof with my educational background and really say I know what I’m doing. I was sure of my skills but short on certifications. I overcame this mental block and lack of worth in my abilities and was able to obtain more certifications to feel better about the services I offer and truly stand believe in. 

Own your Confidence- Without confidence, you will fail and your business will fail. To put me out there in front of the public takes a lot of courage and self-confidence. Having confidence starts within you, in your head, in your thoughts and how you feel about yourself. It’s a must to really and truly believe in yourself to obtain your goals in life.

3. What advice can you give other entrepreneurs that are struggling to break through the glass ceiling in reaching their goals?

When you feel yourself wanting to give up, don’t give up. A new solution or opportunity will almost always present itself, have faith and patience. I had to evaluate my progress with where I was at and with where I wanted to go and make some needed changes. If you’re not willing to invest in yourself then don’t expect people to take you seriously. Once you’re in a position to upgrade yourself do it immediately and don’t look back. Care about the details, have true experience, be knowledgeable in your field and keep learning.

5. What inspires and motivates you? What wakes you up every morning, makes you get the work done and do it all over again the next day?

My inspiration and motivation come from knowing and truly believing that I can make a lifelong everlasting difference in each and every family I meet and work as a team. It’s not easy gaining parents' trust so for them to be comfortable with me and to trust my abilities is a big sign of respect for my character. To actually help parents and families reach their child's sleep goals and their personal sleep goals (by me relieving them at night so they may rest and recuperate) as well lets me know I’m doing everything I was put on this earth to do. This is my true calling. Having passion, inspiration, and motivation for what I do come naturally since I’m doing what I love. I’m thankful for it all.

Pediatric Sleep Consultant Amber Gilmore



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