Stéphanie Rottet | Ease, Grace and Abundance: The New Dimension of Business

Image by Marja Katajisto-Eklund

Image by Marja Katajisto-Eklund

We don't just want to be successful women. We want to have a life!

So you want to be...
A Successful Business Woman? A Speaker? A Coach? An Artist?
... AND have a life?

Starting from scratch less than 2 years ago, Stéphanie Rottet has become the European's # 1 Breakthrough Specialist and Legacy Strategist. She has surrounded herself with and learned from some of the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet. Today, she travels the world to speak and train high level leaders on this new, revolutionary approach to Business that has been given to her, an approach that leads to a ‘New Dimension’ of SUCCESS.

SUCCESS has invaded her life - both professional and private! Apart from inspiring entrepreneurs in her own land of Switzerland, she’s recently been to London, Paris and just returned from Los Angeles where she shared the same stage as Mel Gibson, Mark Wahlberg, John Travolta, Christie Brinkley - to name a few - and interviewed the renowned businessman, highly respected coach, international speaker and President of High Point University, Dr. Nido Qubein.

After the USA, Stéphanie added Johannesburg, South Africa, to her continents tour. She is determined to share the profound LIFETIME SUCCESS secrets that gave her access to the ‘New Dimension’ with as many entrepreneurs around the world as possible.

Stéphanie Rottet is the 'New Dimension' Business Mentor, Legacy Strategist, International Speaker, Author and the founder of THE LOVE ARMY©

1. Give us a brief background of what you do?

My professional career started with a degree in business. Later on, I furthered my studies and completed my master’s (European studies). I spent 14 years (part of it in Switzerland, part of it in Canada) working as an employee doing what I love: sales and marketing. My entrepreneurial mind led me to always have a small independent activity on the side. All was good and running. Until that day…

One morning, 16 years ago, I was driving to the hospital instead of the office. I was still an employee back then. On my way I realised it was time for me to do what I am here to do, but I did not know exactly what it was; or where to start either! Plus, I had it pretty good at my job: I had a top management position in a male-driven company, I was earning good money, had a great lifestyle… I mean, why would I want to change anything?

A few years prior to this particular trip to the hospital, I had already ‘received a message’. I have been made redundant by the previous company I was working for. Back then, I went right back to what I was familiar with: exact same job and lifestyle, just at another company in a different location.

But this time I got it: this detour to the hospital was a wakeup call and I knew I could not continue to live without stepping into what I really am here to do. IT WAS TIME.

This episode led me to spending 8 months focussing on reconnecting with my Truth and meditating (listening to the answers to my questions “WHO AM I?” and “WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO?”). Hey! Many pray - ask for something - yet don’t take the time to silence their mind and quiet down their life to listen to the answers… In fact, to those, in coaching, I always say “Keep praying!”, “And be aware that things will truly happen once you start listening to the answer”.

I got the answer: COACHING was the word.

As soon as I opened my heart to this new me (the real me!), I manifested the person who would then mentor me to become a coach. My career as a coach started.

Today, 13 years later, thanks to amazing coaches and mentors along the way, as well as to my commitment to honouring and utilizing my natural gifts and talents, I’ve come to full alignment with my Life Purpose.

The mission to build THE LOVE ARMY had been given to me 10 years ago already, but I was not ready then. It all went straight to my head (you know, that place where EGO is the Maestro and governs with fear, pride and limitations of all sorts). It (ego) got involved in the planning of the development and structure of the project – and nothing happened!

In January last year however, it all started to move and evolve in my heart and my soul: IT WAS TIME.

Came the fall 2017, in just 3 months, my business grew x 10. The healing process I personally experienced on spiritual, emotional and physical levels, propelled me into a ‘New Dimension’. Things became crystal clear: today my role is to show successful and start-up entrepreneurs how to access this mega powerful Dimension. And yes, it starts with the radical healing and liberation of our own soul. This is the ultimate doorway to the ‘New Dimension’. Accessing this Dimension not only helps business owners make x 10 (or more) in their results, but they now run their organisation in this Dimension and transmit its energy to their own ‘troops’ (their circle of influence, being their clients, business partners, employees, family and friends too!). Without knowing it, THE LOVE ARMY had been started: an army of Enlightened Leaders (coaches, speakers, politicians, actors, singers) who form and inspire - in the ‘New Dimension’- their own troops around the world.

This phenomenal movement has expanded over three continents in just 3 months! It is growing and spreading across the globe as the techniques and practices to access this revolutionary approach to business and life are being passed on naturally by the trained Leaders, as they now run their own business in this 'New Dimension'. A ‘New Dimension’ all around: in the way we experience life, relationships, health and manifest financial abundance.

In this Dimension, business happens effortlessly, with ease, grace and abundance.

**Any individual (entrepreneur or entrepreneur-want-to-be) with strong leadership skills interested in accessing this Dimension can require an interview and, if suitable, enrol for the training and become part of the army. If you know deep down inside of you that there is something more, something greater that you are here to do… get in touch and let’s find out together what it is and how to get started! The world needs YOU!

“Our world is changing – IT IS TIME that we change too!”

Stéphanie Rottet and Mel Gibson

Stéphanie Rottet and Mel Gibson

Stéphanie Rottet and Mark Wahlberg

Stéphanie Rottet and Mark Wahlberg

Stéphanie Rottet and Christie Brinkley

Stéphanie Rottet and Christie Brinkley

Stéphanie Rottet on stage in Los Angeles interviewing Dr. Nido Qubein for an audience of 2500 people. November 2017

Stéphanie Rottet on stage in Los Angeles interviewing Dr. Nido Qubein for an audience of 2500 people. November 2017

Stéphanie Rottet in Phuket, Thailand, working with her business coach JT Foxx. July 2017

Stéphanie Rottet in Phuket, Thailand, working with her business coach JT Foxx. July 2017

Stephanie Rottet - Woman Entrepreneur2.jpg
Stéphanie Rottet on stage at JT Foxx’s business event in Johannesburg, South Africa in front of an audience of 1800 people. August 2017

Stéphanie Rottet on stage at JT Foxx’s business event in Johannesburg, South Africa in front of an audience of 1800 people. August 2017

2. What are the key factors that got you to where you are today?


SEEK: My opening to the Connection with God (call it The Universe, The Creator, Allah, Buddha, Jesus – I refer here to ‘The Ultimate Source’) allowed me to fine-tune and make the alignment with my Life Mission 100% and, therefore, access the ‘New Dimension’. Despite being raised Catholic and going to Church every Sunday until the age of 16, I didn’t know what ‘God’ was! Today, collaborating with ‘Him’/’Her’ is like listening to a GPS (which I’ve actually called “God’s Preferred Solution” in some of the numerous written material that I’ve publicly shared over the past 10 years.

CARE: The healing of my soul (consciously greeting Love into my body and bringing Love into my deepest wounds – not on an intellectual level, but on a spiritual/cellular/soul level) cleared the path to go deeper into ‘seeking’ mode. Caring for my heart, my body and my soul is what opened the door of my prison.

LOVE: When it comes to success in our business (and in our life in general!), Love is certainly not just about the romance between two individuals (though it contributes: I speak about it below) - and, definitely not about sex! Here, Love is about our reconciliation with the Divine, the true forgiveness for our arrogance, the healing of our wounds on a soul level (not just mental) and, ultimately, the surrender to THE plan (realignment with our True Purpose). 

Another key ‘Love factor’ to my success is that I greeted the most difficult and shocking life challenges that were presented to me with an open heart and used them to heal and boost my path of evolution. And, most importantly, when those challenges involved individuals, I kept loving those who rejected me and/or had been nasty to me. I could feel their suffering, so I sent them Love. Nobody wins against this weapon! 

*My first book is a set of 52 ‘Love Practices’ – ask for one of these Love Practices to be emailed to you (at no cost) by contacting: Write the code "ILoveWE" in the subject line and I'll treat you with one insight about YOU and the year 2018.

And of course… my life partner has literally been a second engine to this beautiful mission I’ve been given. The ongoing support that he offers me reflects and confirms that, when one truly opens to Love within a relationship, the ultimate sacredness of the couple empowers and fuels our respective purposes.
Last but not least, the access to the ‘New Dimension’ opened up before me when I finally figured out what it meant to ‘love myself’. All of these years, I knew it in the head. Today, I live it in my body.

Stéphanie Rottet loves Nature - Woman Entrepreneur.jpg
Stéphanie Rottet singing with group “Music and Lights” in Switzerland at Moutier Expo. November 2017

Stéphanie Rottet singing with group “Music and Lights” in Switzerland at Moutier Expo. November 2017

PLAY: Being curious and playful led me to beautiful discoveries – about me, about human beings, about the world. I have always preciously nurtured a part of my life for my soul-replenishing hobbies: singing, dancing and spending time in nature, are the three most important to me.

EDUCATE: Reading books, going to seminars and taking courses are one thing. What has had the biggest impact for me is having coaches and mentors along the way to show me the way to places ‘I’ could not see (sometimes didn’t even know existed!) and to keep me accountable. It made me gain knowledge and time, for sure! Anyone can go at it alone… but with an experienced guide who has been there before, it is much easier – and quicker! Having a coach is simply essential for high performance. In fact, I always make sure that the coaches I hire have a coach (or more!) too! I’ve personally worked with 4 coaches these past few months: one for my physical health, one for my business, one for marketing and one for my Spiritual Evolution.

TRUST: Without trusting the guidance I am receiving (during the ‘SEEK’ times), I would not be where I am today. All has been shown to me. I knew the message to build THE LOVE ARMY was real back then. I nurtured it in my heart all of these years. I just did not know how it would come alive. But then again, I moved into TRUSTING that the ‘how’ is none of my business, not just ‘knowing’ it intellectually (and continuing to frantically try to make things happen!)

In this TRUST zone, my life mission - and the Vision that goes with it - got more and more vibrant. I didn’t know why and what… I just TRUSTED.  People could say whatever they wanted around me (even my coaches to some degree!), it did not sway me from the big Vision. In the end, the only one Voice we are to listen to is from the Source!

The TRUST factor is of utmost importance, but also the most difficult to live fully. ‘Knowing’ that things happen for a reason is one thing. TRUSTING and opening to the blessings in disguise is another. The two main important gifts in my journey have been: 
1) my physical crash in 2001, which led me to quitting the fun job I loved and open the door to what I am really here to do, and
2) the drastic rejection from my ex-husband (second marriage) - whom I loved so dearly - and his entire family. Also, a few years later, the rejection of my own siblings and ‘friends’ (whose love and approval I needed so badly) when I chose to fully take my place, honour my gifts and talents and get on with my Life Mission. They gave me the confirmation of the importance of being true to myself and not play a role to fit in ‘their’ world, as well the courage and strength to do what I am here to do without any fear to be… rejected! 

SERVE: Lastly, what really got me to where I am, was when I finally understood that this life is not about ‘me’, nor about what I think I am here to do. It is about being the Servant of the Creator and to follow His ‘Business Plan’.

Image by Marja Katajisto-Eklund

Image by Marja Katajisto-Eklund

3. What has the impact of marketing & branding been on your business?

The impact is huge. As entrepreneurs, our success depends on the message and the image we put out there!

For me, the big shift has been in the message of what I do. The reality is that ‘Love’ does not sell. ‘Business and Money’ do. I went back to what one of my very first mentors told me years ago: “Stéphanie, give people what they want – and once you’re working with them, give them what they need.” 

This was confirmed again, and more profoundly now that I’ve done the work to clear my soul, by the business coach I’ve worked with most recently. JT Foxx gave me a whole new set of eyes on business, money and what it means to play big. I am so grateful for the extraordinary inspiration he gave me. Then, with my marketing coach, we worked on redefining the WHAT, the WHO, the WHY and the HOW: a new message came through. Combined with the power of branding by association (thanks to JT and his connections!), all started to move very quickly. Over the years, I have spent a lot of time with - and learned from - celebrities and some of the most successful business people of our time. Some of them were the investment and real estate tycoons Hugh Hilton and George Ross, the very man who helped Donald Trump create his Real Estate Empire. Recently, I got to meet and learn from Top model and smart business woman, Christie Brinkley; actor, film producer, dancer and singer, John Travolta; actor and filmmaker, Mel Gibson; rapper, actor, and television host, Vanilla Ice; guitarist/base player, singer, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, actor and television personality, Gene Simmons from the group KISS; and Steve Wozniak, Apple Co-founder.

With all that said, I need to add: “One can have the best marketing and branding, if the soul is not cleared up and aligned, business will remain something that happens from the head – hence the long hours and stress”.

4. What 3 core advice principals will you give women that are wanting to start their own business?

1. Know who you are (discover your ultimate Life Purpose), dare to be just that and play big!

2. Learn how to defeat the ego. Its role is to keep you where you are. It will manipulate you with fear and keep you in the ‘I don’t have what it takes’ or ‘it’s not the right timing’ or ‘I can’t afford it’ destructive patterns. Reality is that if I had not invested in the best coaches (yes it was a lot of ‘money’!), I would not have done x10 in my business – and you would not be reading this article. 
You DO have what it takes! It IS the right timing!". Now...

3. Hire the coach that inspires you and has what you want --- and GO!
You can't afford not to invest in YOUR SUCCESS!


5. How do you stay motivated and what keeps you going?

What keeps me motivated is the joy of witnessing people when they reach the breakthrough and access the ‘New Dimension’. Watching them come alive, gain clarity, heal, shine, get empowered and then reach new heights of SUCCESS is the greatest joy in the world!

What keeps me going is having this inner knowing that the more of us reaching this ‘New Dimension’, the more the entire world will return to Love and be uplifted.

6. What is your key to success?

I am happy to share 5 important keys that led to my success. 

1. Keeping balance between life and work. 
Oh yeaaah, we all ‘know’ that one, don’t we? The fact of the matter is that the ‘New Dimension’ cannot happen when we are working more than 8 hours a day, simply because it requires some down time in the ‘nothingness’ of life (and truly… who wants to work more than 8 hours a day??). It is one thing about this Dimension that I like: we cannot fake it! We’ve either done the work (the short, yet life-changing, 10-week process that I was led to develop) and have accessed it – or not.

2. Opening to LOVE deeply (with myself, with my Life Partner AND with God).
This means having a life, take the time to breathe, be, feel and be grateful that LIFE is running through my veins. 

3. Surrounding myself with people who have the success AND lifestyle that I desire (great health, harmonious relationship, time to actually enjoy life AND financial success). This is all the abundance that God wants us to have and enjoy…

4. Asking God every day to support me in bringing what I need to fulfil this Mission (people, finances, creativity, wisdom) and help me remove EGO in my every day dealings. Putting THE LOVE ARMY© together requires courage, strength and humility: I am only a Servant, after all.

5. Last but not least: having a business coach! 
It is so important! And I will be delighted to show you the way to this extraordinary, blissful world if what you’ve read so far has made your heart spin. You too deserve to be ecstatically Happy, Successful and Free.



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