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Lorraine Maguire | Rapid Transformational Therapist

Lorraine is from beautiful New Zealand and she is a Rapid Transformational Therapist. She helps people from all over the world in improving their self-esteem, self-worth self-confidence & self-love. Read her incredible story and be inspired

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Samentha Jabini | Changing Lives with The Power of God's Word

There are a lot of life lessons in the bible. Through my coaching sessions I'm hoping to make the path clear for Christians to be successful business people while keeping God in the center of their lives. If you are reading the good book through eyes of wisdom every situation becomes clear.

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Sanna Kinanen | Personal, Business and Wealth Coach

When I saw the impact my mentoring had on my clients’ businesses and lives, I realized that it is my calling and my life purpose to guide individuals who are embarking the same journey as me.

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Kristin O'Connell | From Freelance to Financial Freedom

That’s how fear can be a good motivator… I’m afraid of being average, I’m scared of settling for less,

I’m afraid of denying my children opportunities, and I’m afraid of looking back when it’s too late,

thinking “If only I’d given a little more…”

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