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Cait Scudder | Inspiring Thousands of Women to Push through their Definition of What is Possible

My superpower is helping women in business to understand and articulate their unique value proposition, unleash that signature genius in their content and marketing, and to sell with soul and power.

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Amie Pederson | Celebrity Host of 'Moms Making Money' and Business Mentor

GUILT FREE is one of the messages of my movement.  No woman should ever be told or shamed for not wanting to CHOOSE between business and babies.  The Mom Shaming over this needs to stop and I am here to shout it loud and proud .

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Doris Schachenhofer | Breaking through the barriers of the mind to achieve limitless success

Don´t look at the how, it’s unfathomable.  Look for opportunities and be willing to do and be whatever and whoever you need to be. Be prepared to lose all or gain everything. Do whatever it takes. Most people struggle to break through because this concept goes far beyond their logical mindset.

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