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Valerie Enriquez | Transforming Lives - Skill Sets for Mega Success

The majority of our students come to TIA with a mindset of wanting to break the generational cycle of poverty but don’t know how or don’t know where to begin. We have developed a set of 5 skill sets called “Skill Sets for Mega Success”.

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Kristin O'Connell | From Freelance to Financial Freedom

That’s how fear can be a good motivator… I’m afraid of being average, I’m scared of settling for less,

I’m afraid of denying my children opportunities, and I’m afraid of looking back when it’s too late,

thinking “If only I’d given a little more…”

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Anna Perdriau | The Million Dollar Secrets of Speaking Greats

How to carve-out a core message that creates memorable moments, and channel nerves into positive energy, and much more. ‘I give my clients the ability to become a force of FABULOUS for their audience’

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