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Vicky Omifolaji | Empowering Women to Heal, Change and Grow

As a Clinical Adversity Authority, I help people overcome any issues causing stress, anxiety or holding them back. As a Private Achievement Coach, I help them accomplish far more in their career, business or life than they ever dreamed possible.

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Valerie Enriquez | Transforming Lives - Skill Sets for Mega Success

The majority of our students come to TIA with a mindset of wanting to break the generational cycle of poverty but don’t know how or don’t know where to begin. We have developed a set of 5 skill sets called “Skill Sets for Mega Success”.

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Sarah Crawford | Connecting People to Content - Bringing Meaning to Success

“See the beauty in life, opportunity in obstacles and inspire through respect.” This is a quote from my writing many years ago and I live by this every day. There is beauty in life everywhere if you allow yourself to see it.

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Sanna Kinanen | Personal, Business and Wealth Coach

When I saw the impact my mentoring had on my clients’ businesses and lives, I realized that it is my calling and my life purpose to guide individuals who are embarking the same journey as me.

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Florence Bountsman | You Only Need 1 Person and 1 Deal to Change Your Life

We pride ourselves in a business network we started called Intelligent Millionaires Network Stuttgart, IMN Stuttgart. It is an exclusive network for entrepreneurs and individuals who want to be more successful in life.

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Kristin O'Connell | From Freelance to Financial Freedom

That’s how fear can be a good motivator… I’m afraid of being average, I’m scared of settling for less,

I’m afraid of denying my children opportunities, and I’m afraid of looking back when it’s too late,

thinking “If only I’d given a little more…”

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