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Charlotte Alcantara Reyes | Providing Professional Virtual Assistant Solutions Globally

The women of ‘OVA VIRTUAL’ are on a mission to become the most efficient Virtual Assistant Solutions Provider Worldwide. We take care of the every day tasks so you can focus on whats really important…growing your business!

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Amie Pederson | Celebrity Host of 'Moms Making Money' and Business Mentor

GUILT FREE is one of the messages of my movement.  No woman should ever be told or shamed for not wanting to CHOOSE between business and babies.  The Mom Shaming over this needs to stop and I am here to shout it loud and proud .

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Lisa Rouhana | Helping Thousands of Couples Achieve Financial and Emotional Stability

The feedback I get from clients gets me up every morning with a clear focus on why I am here....sometimes our life path is CHALLENGING. I was under the illusion that this should be easy. I would recommend choosing YOUR OWN challenges or else the universe will choose them for you! 

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