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Sandra Faas | Fametastic Female

Coupled with her career as a self-employed building & construction project planner, Sandra Faas is driven to inspire and support other women, encouraging them to embrace their femininity. She helps them realise their possibilities by giving them insightful advice and support. It is her foremost mission to help other women live to their full potential, leading happier and improved lives.

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Florence Bountsman | You Only Need 1 Person and 1 Deal to Change Your Life

We pride ourselves in a business network we started called Intelligent Millionaires Network Stuttgart, IMN Stuttgart. It is an exclusive network for entrepreneurs and individuals who want to be more successful in life.

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Kristin O'Connell | From Freelance to Financial Freedom

That’s how fear can be a good motivator… I’m afraid of being average, I’m scared of settling for less,

I’m afraid of denying my children opportunities, and I’m afraid of looking back when it’s too late,

thinking “If only I’d given a little more…”

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Suham Alexander | Flexibility for unbounded success

Suham Alexander is the founder & principal consultant of Dream Business Consulting Group. She works closely with people to give them practical tools and solutions..

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