Tal Man | Creating Customized Jewelry for World Class Celebrities

We interviewed the beautiful and talented Tal Man, owner of TALIA jewelry. “At TALIA Jewelry, we believe that style is a matter of individuality; a true celebration of a woman’s self-expression. With a radically new approach to jewelry design, we invite you to co-create your own unique pieces with us, giving life to your personal style, beauty, and sensuality.” 

Tal Man, Co-Founder and designer of Talia Jewelry

Tal Man, Co-Founder and designer of Talia Jewelry


Name: Tal Man

Country: Israel

Industry: Jewelry 

Business Name: Talia Jewelry

Favorite Quote to live by:

“Stay hungry. Stay foolish” Steve Jobs

1. What advice can you give other entrepreneurs that is struggling to breakthrough the glass sealing in reaching their goals?

Become the best storyteller possible. Every brand has a story and at Talia we find our most important role is to find the right way, to tell our brand’s story to the right people. Define who are your best listeners, those that will become your community, and hopefully your consumers. Focusing on finding the right story for every listener is key.

2. How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors? What makes you unique?

I believe that people tend to get bored of things quickly. If you buy a new dress, or a new car after a while you get used to it and the excitement is over. Eventually, you will want something new. With Talia , everyday you create a new piece of jewelry with our unique customization system. No need. you don’t need to spend more money , just assemble, take apart and reassemble  according to your mood and occasion.

3. What are three business & life lessons you have learned throughout your journey?

Do not develop feelings of guilt about the children 

You can combine parenting and career. I have two daughters whom I love with all my heart and are my world. My work requires me to travel a lot, work irregular hours and not to be at home much. Over the years I learned that quantity is less important than quality. I take advantage of every minute that I am at home to be with my daughters, to play with them to laugh with them and share them in my life and in my career. When my daughter says to me, "Mom, I'm proud of you, are you fulfilling your dream" I realize how true it is. When parents are happy with their careers, their children are inspired.

First say yes - then figure out how to do it

We had an opportunity to send Talia's jewelry to a world class celebrity through a mutual friend. The schedules were very tight because we had to prepare everything for her trip. At the time, we still did not have printed marketing materials, but it was clear to us that we were not missing this opportunity. We went into a scramble of work, we worked around the clock, and within a few days, at the last minute everything was ready, and the package arrived at the destination in time. When we first identified the opportunity, we said yes, then we broke our heads on how to do it.

Pursuing our dreams

Neutralize the fears of the "unpleasant" or what someone will say. If you do not try you will never succeed. If the dream is too far away, set a sequence of mini-goals - real and possible goals on the way to the ultimate goal. We wanted to meet with a world-renowned expert in the field of DTC. Someone who is really impossible to get to a meeting with him via mail or without personal connections. We saw that there was going to be a conference where he was lecturing, We got on a flight, came to the conference and waited for the right moment after the lecture and managed to present Talia to him. We knew we were taking a gamble with this trip, but we decided that even if nothing came of it, the very fact that we tried, and we know we did the maximum gives us the satisfaction. 


Email:  PR@CharisseMilano.com

Website: www.MyTalia.com