Alan Booth

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Alan Booth is a renowned wealth and executive coach with extensive experience in both personal and business development. With 30 years of global experience, Alan will help you find your way and will guide you in identifying the meaning of success to you as an individual.

Be surrounded by savvy business people who have built some of the largest, most successful companies in existence today and gain beneficial knowledge from their experience and expertise. Not only will you become part of a global network with funding, ideas, connections and markets, but you will also be put in contact with prosperous professionals with an interest in partnering and developing products and services that are mutual to your business interests.

Coaching is of vital importance in developing yourself on a personal level, growing your business and advancing your career. Experience is everything and Alan Booth will share his practical knowledge that you require to get to the next level easily.


Fields of Expertise

Accountability Coaching

Expert in International Business Development

Sales Development Strategist

Executive Management Team Alignment Specialist (I get you all singing off the same hymn sheet!)

CEO Mentor

International Marketing Expert

Alan Featured in the Media

Stuff NZ

JT Foxx Organisation

Which Car Magazine

 BBC TV (automobile programs)

Career Highlights

CEO International Aviation Academy, training pilots for international airlines.

Monaco, recovery of gold bullion and sunken treasure from seas around the world.

Building Lamborghini and Ferrari race cars for the rich and famous :-)

Listed two companies on the AIM and OFFEX stock market in the UK

Worked in the security industry and trained close protection officers for high net worth families and organisations