Helena Vernholm

Mindset & Executive Coach, Real Estate Investor, Real Estate Developer and Motivational Speaker

I help you to make a positive difference in the world through the way you lead and manage your organization and I help high potentials become promotional within organizations. I further help future leaders to make the transition from being employed to be the CEO of their own businesses and lives.

With over two decades of experience of transforming and pushing a variety of businesses forward, Helena Vernholm is a Coach, real estate investor, real estate developer, motivational speaker and expert on helping organizations and individuals achieve higher performance and success. She has set out to "Slay any limitation that holds individuals and organizations back from achieving greatness and the results they want to have."


The now serial entrepreneur Helena Vernholm began her journey when she realized that the life she was living in no way was the life she actually wanted live, something was missing, and she was constantly exhausted, without passion for her employment unsatisfied and bored and once she had recognized and admitted this to herself and her family, there was no turning back.

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Compelled to make a change, she went from working two jobs, 60-70 hours a week to become a successful mentor, by continuing her path to adapt to some of the world's best-known business experts and received them as her personal mentors. After years of high-level learning with them, she has built her coaching company and become a skilled mind-set mentor and branding strategist to many high-performing entrepreneurs in addition to that she is a real estate investor and real estate developer.

She has trained entrepreneurs where online-marketing, branding techniques and human performance strategies are different from any other in the industry and the entrepreneurial world has taken notice. Helena says, "First, it's about psychology, trust, and building up the person, once the person has confidence then you can help them excel and master their skills and the greatness that has already placed within them. Trust and competence are a must and the perfect growing ground for greatness and extraordinary, brave breakthroughs."

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Mel Gibson, Helena and Thomas

Mel Gibson, Helena and Thomas

Helena has a multicultural background and was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, but also has family in Tanzania. Helena has also lived in Australia for more than 10 years and has an international experience that includes several senior managerial and executive positions in Scandinavia and Australia primarily.

She utilizes her professional history to act as a consultant with a focus on individual transformation, organizational transformation, performance management and cultural change. By collaborating, coaching and working close to senior executives and their teams, Helena can help create strong leaders, transform individual behavior, create positive organizational changes and implement strategies that achieve measurable results.

Her international client’s range in the IT, healthcare, banking, finance, telecommunications, oil and gas, engineering and construction sectors and include St George Bank, Westpac Bank, SEB Bank, Ricoh, Google, Verisign, Symantec and Statoil to name a few. Helena holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and in Commerce from UTAS and from UNSW in Australia, with a Major in Industrial Relations and Organizational Behaviour.

Her Coaching company Empowering Millions Ltd, will provide their clients with various forms of training methods, and the coaching will be done through LIVE events in Algarve, Portugal, Global Empowering Millions retreats in Algarve, Portugal and beyond, with plans to provide these in the future in Quebec, Canada, Cape Verde and Zanzibar, Tanzania. There will also be online academies, international workshop training programs and the much-anticipated release of her and Thomas’s personal development mentoring program, Coach V x 2 - Empowering Millions PRO, which is set out to upscale lives, skills, results and businesses at match speeds in order to create extraordinary results and turn dreams into limitless realities.

Helena's goal is to become one of the most reputable education experts in the industry on a global scale and quickly go to men and women, to educate in mindset, life strategy, branding, sales, marketing, investment strategy and business strategy worldwide.

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Helena is based in Portugal together with her Danish partner in life and business, Thomas Vernholm, where she works relentlessly to turn the lives of every entrepreneur and businessperson ready to stop playing small and achieve their greatest potential both personally and professionally.

“Life is not about success, it's about significance, the significant changes you can do for other people in their lives and businesses and the positive impact you can have in the world at large.” Helena is determined to be the link that is needed in people’s lives to help individuals transform their dreams in to actionable plans and achieve greatness and live more abundant lives. This goal is to literally empower millions around the world, so they can unlock the potential they have within them and be who they were created to be, motivated to perform at their very best at all times and help others around them do the same.


Helena’s Fields of Expertise

  • Breakthrough Sales Results – branding strategy, online marketing, coaching and speaking   

  • Executive Coaching - working with senior corporate leaders and managers – Global 500

  • Mindset Strategy Coaching - Individual performance, breakthrough, transformation and sustainable results

  • Business Strategy Coaching - Creating sustainable business results for start-up and mid-size companies

  • Speaking - Leadership, growth, business strategy and results

  • Speaking – Industrial relations and organizational behavior

  • Speaking – Leverage communication and leadership skills

  • Speaking - Individual and team empowerment strategies

  • Speaking – Workshops on team building and employee motivation

  • Speaking – Workshops on change management and change agent leadership

  • Speaking - Consultative decision making and shaping an ethical workplace culture               

  • Speaking - Organizational strategy and corporate cultural transformation

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