Kelly Chisholm

Board Certified Coach with over 10 years experience, specializing in women in small business and entrepreneurs.


Hi, I’m Kelly Chisholm, the Women’s Entrepreneur Coach.

I’m really glad that you’ve found me and that you’re looking at how coaching can help you make your dream an actual business. Whether you’re just starting a business or wanting to grow in an existing one, together we can incorporate your passion with profit.

After building my own six-figure business (more than once), I wanted to help other women do the same. Women are master builders and need a different type of business mentor than men do- we think differently and want to build our businesses in a way that touches our heart and soul.

I’ve coached dozens of women entrepreneurs and business owners, but when I think back to the process of building my own six-figure business... I cringe, hard. I knew nothing about what it would take to build a business, let alone a successful one.

Reading business journals/publications just reinforced that most businesses fail in the first five years. I needed to build a business that supported myself and my family, and secured my future but how was I going to do that? My marketing and money skills were haphazard at best. I didn’t feel very confident.

So, I devoted hours to soaking up business, mindset, marketing and money tips from the best business leaders I knew.

Today, I have created and built several six-figure businesses, and I coach and mentor women internationally. These women learn how to take their dreams, whether new or existing, and turn them into a business that’s not only their heart and soul, but profitable.

Kelly’s Achievements Include:

  • Achieved national board certification 2018.

  • Created and established multiple 6 figure business from the ground up in under 3 years.

  • Workshop leader, speaker and trainer

  • Published Author

Kelly'’s Fields of Expertise:

  • Starting, growing and leveraging your business

  • Transitioning from Corporate Executive to Business Owner

  • Relaunching, Recreating and Revamping Existing Businesses

  • Sacred Sales Training

  • Money, Mindset and Emotions

  • Momentum and Motivation

  • Marketing Training Based on your Personality

  • Positive Psychology, Confidence and Success


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