Libby Wallace

As a Leadership & Wealth Coach, I guide spiritual CEO’s and leaders to align with their highest self and create a business & life of magnificent purpose, impact and wealth, all while fulfilling their soul’s work.

Libby Wallace

Libby Wallace


Name & Surname: Libby Wallace

Country: New Zealand (currently based in Bali!)

Type Of Coach: Leadership & Wealth Coach

Business Name: Libby Wallace


Favorite Quote: “Whether you think you can, or whether you think you cannot, you’re probably right” - Henry Ford

Hi, I’m Libby Wallace

Please give us a bit of background on who you are and what you do?

As a Leadership & Wealth Coach, I guide spiritual CEO’s and leaders to align with their highest self and create a business & life of magnificent purpose, impact and wealth, all while fulfilling their soul’s work.

I also run a non profit social initiative - The Self Wealth Project - as a way to give back to the community. Through charity events and my podcast, The Self Wealth Project leads others to live a truly wealthy life.

I was BORN to be an entrepreneur. I’ve been wearing the entrepreneurial hat ever since the age of 5 when my father taught me the art of door-to-door selling. He’d hide by the gate while I’d wander up to the door alone with a big smile on face, box of school fundraiser chocolates in hand. Needless to say, I’d sell out before reaching the end of my street!

While I no longer sell chocolates, witnessing the pure joy on a person’s face after I’ve had the privilege of serving them is still equally (actually - MORE!) rewarding today.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in psychology (with a minor in economics), I travelled the world and began a booming career in sales. As a successful travel agent, I also had the honour of managing and leading people along the way, before stepping into teaching, mentoring and corporate leadership.

My first ‘real’ business (excluding the healthy-breakfast-on-the-go biz I set up at the age of 14) was in sober coaching, which started as a sober-living blog where I shared the highs and lows of my own sobriety journey. 

You see, on 30 Jan 2016, everything I knew was tipped upside down after I miraculously survived a drunken suicide attempt. From that moment on I 180’d my entire life (from Party Girl to #SelfLoveQueen) and documented a tonne of the process. My blog was the reason I found myself helping others create fulfilling sober lifestyles too! From doing that, I realised I had so much more to offer to the world than the corporate world was allowing me, so I took a huge leap of faith to establish and focus on my souls’ mission.

Little did I know, that crazy decision that defied all logic, to leave behind my cushy salary and step away from all sense of security, would be the BEST decision I’d ever made. By trusting the intuitive whisper within, I found my hidden spiritual gifts, helped tonnes of people transform their lives, businesses, relationships and communities, AND replaced my old salary in less than 8 months!

These days I wake up each morning in Bali, married to the man of my dreams, with a business and team that I love, the ability to work from wherever, living a life that feels like PLAY ...And now I get to help others, just like YOU, do the same!

I created my business to contribute towards making the world a happier, healthier and truly wealthier place and this is the driving force behind all I do. And because my world is based on purpose, passion, impact, faith, fun and gratitude, I can’t wait to bring that into your world, too.

Libby Wallace

 Libby’s list of Expertise includes:

  • Soulful Business Strategy & Sales

  • Revenue Planning & Income Forecasting

  • Spiritual Psychology for Aligned Success

  • Leadership Training

  • Mentorship Training

  • Wealth Embodiment and Vibrational Alignment for Personalised Success

  • Ancient Wisdom Activation

  • Clairvoyance & Energy Healing

  • Soul Purpose & Vision Alignment

  • Quantum Theory & Manifestation

Libby’s List of accomplishments include:

  • Bsc Psychology, UC, NZ

  • Sales award, NSW, Australia 

  • High performer getaway reward, Caribbean

  • Sales High Performer, Macau, China

  • Host of charity event fundraiser, AKL & WLG, New Zealand

  • Raised thousands of dollars for Women’s Refuge charity

  • Replaced my corporate salary in less than 8 months of business

  • Helped loads of people transform their lives and grow their purposeful business

  • Helped oodles more give up drinking

  • Helped tonnes MORE find their souls’ calling

  • Healed myself from alcohol addiction & overcome bulimia & most importantly:
    Learned to love myself wholly (which by the way, is my number ONE secret to success!!)

Libby has been featured in several media:

What is the result prospect clients can expect to achieve?

  • Sustainable 5+ figure months

  • Understand your soul’s true purpose and how to deliver that purpose in a profitable way

  • Scale your business to create a wider impact in the world

  • More predictable income & revenue

  • Deeper connection / discovery of your spiritual gifts

  • Quantum leap into the life and business of your dreams

  • More joy in your relationships - including the one with yourself & ultimately live a happier, healthier and wealthier life in ways you never knew possible.

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