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Millionaire Blueprints

A blueprint created by Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Erna Basson that has made her millions of dollars just by using these proven techniques in all of her businesses.

Milllionaire Marketing - Woman Entrepreneur

Marketing to Millions

10min read

In today's world, the biggest thing you have to know is how to market your product online.  What makes you stand out and how will you make your brand, product or service stand out

What you will learn:

1.  Identifying your niche

2.  How to engage with your niche

3.  Different marketing platforms you can use

4.  Social media in a nutshell

The Art of Closing a deal

The Art Of Closing a Deal

10min read

If you can't sell, you might as well just close your business.  In this read I show you exactly on how I sell product & services to clients across the world

What you will learn:

1.  Different closing tecniques

2.  How & when to pitch a close

3.  How to lead a conversation to your advantage

4.  How to ask for the business