Nancy Mayer Strategist / Catalyst / Advisory Board Builder / Chief Games Officer

Nancy Mayer is a Professional Strategist / Catalyst / Advisory Board Builder / Chief Games Officer

Nancy is the lead consultant at Power Play Profitability Solutions; a consulting company that helps small and medium businesses realize their vision faster. These results are delivered by combining the best of the traditional business models with the more iterative Lean models. Services range from establishing a solid foundation with strategic and business planning, to the performance acceleration of project delivery and sales impact, to rapidly expanding growth through designing and facilitating effective Advisory Boards.

Nancy is passionate about entrepreneurship and has a history of building a variety of businesses. In the Arts and Entertainment space, she earned several gold and platinum records for the artists she managed, co-founded a key trade association and helped the Canadian industry become more internationally focused. As an Event Manager, she was able to help a foundation double its donations and systemize its operations. As the co-owner a motorsports and sports accessory manufacturing venture, she established Canadian and US distribution for award-winning products and a built a profitable ecommerce site. Most recently, she has been working with software and social entrepreneurs to deliver products and services to the market and make better strategic decisions.


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