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Together, we can help build your business.

The Woman Entrepreneur Club is passionate to help like-minded business woman grow their business together.


Welcome to the Woman Entrepreneur Club - Melbourne

The #1 success networking club for women, that is truly focused on helping you succeed & deliver results to your business.  

Melbourne Woman Entrepreneur Club


We are not your average networking club, we are focused and passionate to drive results to you and your business, connect you with highly influential business woman from across the globe & deliver valuable content, tips & tricks that will deliver immediate results within your business.  We are your accountability partner that will exceed your expectations, a community of highly professional like-minded business women who inspire, empower & support one another. 

Melbourne Woman Entrepreneur Club


The Woman Entrepreneur club was founded by Award-Winning Entrepreneur Erna Basson. Erna's passion is to help people become entrepreneurs & be the best that they can be. Erna has won several awards, she was the top entrepreneur under 30 by Fast Company magazine 2017, top 100 most influential young South Africans in the world & she was the recipient of the Global Female Entrepreneur Award 2017 alongside Mel Gibson.

We invite all women to join our club today, to be part of a club that is different, a club that is big & a club where you will meet your next client or business partner, a club that is a sisterhood.



Caterina Dornbrach is Australia’s #1 Relationship Educator,
Founder of Empower Couples, Personal Coach, Entrepreneur and Reiki Master who works with couples and individuals to reconnect, rediscover happiness and become the the best versions of themselves. Caterina knows exactly what drives a happy and harmonious relationship. Her relationship of 10 years is a true testament that the five core relationship fundamentals of the Infinite Ring really work.  

Melbourne Club Woman Entrepreneur Caterina Dornbrach

Caterina believes that couples must first be 100% committed to rebuilding their relationship foundations for any type of support to make an impact in their relationship. She knows that the skills and techniques she teaches couples enables them to not only reconnect, rekindle love, get rid of ego and most importantly gain the respect they once had for each other.

Caterina spent well over a decade in corporate leadership roles and during that time supported many colleagues through difficult times. Caterina has made it her life’s mission to make thriving relationships attainable to everyone who wants it.

Caterina has been featured in The Bridal Expo as the first relationship educator and Woman Entrepreneur Magazine.  She has worked with clients privately, in groups for the past six years and has supported everyone (from singles to loving spouses) have more deeply fulfilling love lives.

Caterina has attained her Certified Coaching Certificate, NLP and has invested over many years in several private personal development courses. However she feels much of her own life experiences and knowledge assist her in being able to connect with her clients on a deep level.


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