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Christine Nielsen - Woman Entrepreneur - Contrast Coaching

With over 20 years of experience in transforming and driving a variety of businesses forward, Christine is a master coach and an expert at helping organizations and individuals achieve greater levels of performance and success.

Christine’s experience spans a variety of senior executive positions. She leverages her professional history to serve as a consultant with a focus on organizational transformation, performance management and culture change. By partnering, coaching and working closely with senior leaders and their teams, Christine is able to transform organizations and effect positive and measurable change. By creating a chain of influential leaders and mid-level managers, Christine is able to deliver greater levels of performance, effectively alter employee behaviours, and create cultural cohesion, leading to teams delivering significant and sustainable business results.

Her international clients span the forestry and mining, healthcare, telecommunications, oil and gas, engineering and financial services industries and include Lasmo, Filament Creative Labs, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Boehringer Mannheim, Rogers Communications, RBC, and BP among others.

Christine holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Queen’s University in Kingston. She is a proud mother of three beautiful and talented children. She also played competitive hockey for 18 years and continues to be an avid hockey player, and when she isn’t supporting her daughter at dance competitions, she can be found at a rink cheering on her sons.

1. Give us a brief background of what you do?

We Transform your business, your leadership, YOU! Show me a business problem, I will show you a people problem. We help you create rockstar leaders that grow and develop their teams and produce extraordinary results. Experience growth, results & leadership!

2. What is the key thing you want people to know about you?

There are very few coaches that can get to the heart of the matter the way I can. I am passionate about my clients and I know that my work with them makes a huge difference and an impact on the results they are producing.

3. What has been some of your greatest successes / achievements?

In the beginning of my career I was very fortunate to produce some incredible results for the organizations I worked with. I am proud of the accomplishments I have had throughout my career. My greatest accomplishment is when my clients achieve their best results. I love getting calls or notes from clients, years after I have worked with them, saying things like “I still hear your voice in my head…Thanks.” That means I made a difference for them. I have had incredible sales results in my career and am considered an expert “closer”. I am most proud however of the transitions I have made throughout my career. Moving from entrepreneur, to working in larger consulting firms, to the transition of becoming a mother of three and being able to balance my family with a fast-paced career. It’s not always easy, but I love the way I am doing it and who I am for my family as well as for my clients.

Christine Nielsen - Contrast Consulting - Woman Entrepreneur

4. What has been the hardest part of being an entrepreneur?

Not having the company rely solely on me for sustainability. I need a clone. Or several ☺

5. What are the 3 things about entrepreneurship that you experienced that no one told you about? 

a. Every day is new and challenging. You need to be willing to make pivots based on the results that need to be produced.

b. Balance is an illusion. As an entrepreneur you will always have lopsided balance. So, be willing to go with that.

c. You must be crazy and passionate to start your own company… 😊

6. How important is it to have a business coach & what significant role in change has your coach played in your business journey?

a. Coaching is an integral part of my business and my daily practice. I have coaches, I have several.

b. Coaching allows for business owners to see what is limiting their businesses and how to move that out of the way. More often than not it’s your own perception of a situation that is in the way.

c. Coaching is a game changer for all businesses, mine included. Some of the most creative and effective ideas have come out of coaching sessions that were not even thoughts before the session.

7. What 3 core advice principals will you give women that are wanting to start their own business?

a. Timing is everything. Ensure you set yourself up powerfully so you can focus on your targets the first year of business. Set targets and don’t be afraid to fail.

b. Do not do everything yourself. You must delegate and hire to grow your business. Don’t be a hero, there is no win in that.

c. Whether you’re transitioning your career and starting something new, or you are re-entering the marketplace after parental leave, do not underestimate who you are or the skills you have to offer. Even after leave you have a new perspective to bring to your work. You are valuable and can make a big contribution. Make it.

Christine Nielsen - Woman Entrepreneur - Contrast Consulting

8. How do you overcome rejection?

There is no rejection - that is a perception. People may say “no” to you. There is no rejection in no; it’s just no. Rejection is the meaning you add to something when you don’t get what you want - don’t take it personally. Also, find out what the no is actually about. Investigate so you will get to a yes next time.

9. How do you juggle motherhood with your busy schedule?

I learned from someone about lopsided balance. Be where you are when you are there. If you’re with your kids, be there. If you are working, be working. Being present is the biggest gift to your family and to yourself. If you are feeling overwhelmed, take time out to breathe and do the next right action. Delegate and get help when you need it. Collaborate with other moms and dads to support all of the moving parts. I have three very active, very competitive children that are like a full-time job themselves. I don’t try to over manage them. I do the best I can and I ask for help a lot. Structures for fulfilment are key in our house. Our calendar is fully filled out with everyone knowing what they are responsible for.  Lastly, love with everything you have - nothing is more important. Including the love you have for yourself.

Be your authentic self, the rest will fall into place.

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