Emma Polette | Putting the 'Self' back into Self-Confidence

While interviewing the lovely Emma Polette, I felt a genuine warmth. There is an aura of kindness and wisdom that radiates from this incredible woman. Read how Emma transformed her life and how she is touching the lives of women worldwide. Get ready to put the ‘self’ back into your self-confidence.

Emma Polette, Owner of Body Love HQ

Emma Polette, Owner of Body Love HQ


Name: Emma Polette

Country: Australia

Industry: Wellness & fitness

Business Name: Body Love HQ

Favorite Quote to live by:

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you” – Fred DeVito

1. Please give us a bit of background on who you are and what you do? (what is your backstory/your business

I am a personal trainer, health coach, yoga teacher and Reiki Master but 7 years ago I was a National Business Manager for a large multi-national. Due to health problems related to stress and my love of outdoor boxing classes, I made the move from Sydney to Albany, Western Australia to create a new life and a new business in the fitness industry. But over time my illness came back, and I realised the constant fight for the “perfect body” was distracting me and most other women from living joyful and fulfilling lives.

Then a business coach I had “body shamed” some of my promotional photos and I realised that my own negative self-talk had all but disappeared and from there I created The Body Love Method. It is a series of spiritual, yet functional practices that women can use to boost their self-confidence and make peace with their bodies so they can live the lives they were truly meant to live.

2. What advice can you give other entrepreneurs that are struggling to break through the glass ceiling in reaching their goals?

Invest in yourself and your skills. Keep learning. Dream big. Do whatever lights you up. And (of course) do whatever you can to leave your body image issues behind. You’ll never have the perfect body and the one you have already is a massive gift.

Treasure it, love it and make peace with it and you’ll open yourself up to even more opportunities.

3. When and how did your big shift take place?

I was lying in a hospital bed after having a full hysterectomy at age 43 and I received a divine message, “You’ve punished your body for long enough, now it’s time to love your body instead”. This message went straight into my heart and I have taken steps to love my body every single day ever since this moment – and I’ve helped many other women do the same.

4. How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors? What makes you unique?

Most fitness professionals buy into the idea that having a smaller body means you’ll have a better life. I don’t. You can be healthy at any size. You can be fit at any size. You can be happy at any size. You can be successful at any size. Plus, most fitness professionals will only recommend changes in diet and exercise. I focus on a holistic approach using practices that really do support the mind, body and spirit.



Email: emma@bodylovehq.com 

Website: bodylovehq.com